Frosty and Fragile

Tru here regarding symptoms of fatigue and inflexibility.

— cool, crisp, and crinkly.

Energy spent,
so At the moment
I am at the end of my flexibility,
… in schedule adaptability
… and in communication.

Needing to renew
but Spring feels a long way off.


Time to
minimize amount of tasks,
minimize task complexity,
… and time to maximize appreciation of EACH moment,
in whatever way those moments might take form.

Time for slow soak in tub.
Time for music.
Time for SLOWLY creative moments.

Time for warm hugs, quiet words … and mugs of hot chocolate,
while sitting in front of a crackling fire.

Time to enjoy some special moments with YOU !!

— Truthful L. Kindness
23 Jan 2019


Those moments might be in person, but they might be in video chat … or even a card or letter.  But at times like this i personally need very quiet, close relationship, … or prayer and meditation.  Because for ME, relationship makes life worth living.

Each person is different, and someone else might need perky pick-me-up.  But for ME perky pick-me-up would be entirely exhausting at this stage, leaving me in worse condition than i started.

What about YOU ??


This blog entry began with photo posted by a PLwD friend, Wendy Mitchell.  (PLwD = Person Living with Dementia.)  Tried to nap after i saw the photo, but instead words started spilling out, desperately needing a place to settle.  So the words settled on this page, and it is lovely to create … again.  ((smile)).  Photo with permission from Wendy Mitchell.


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3 thoughts on “Frosty and Fragile

  1. Enjoy your “me” indulgence. We all need them and I feel most of us don’t allow ourselves to indulge fully often enough. I am enjoying my time with hubby after his close call heart attack last week. He now has 3 stents and is working to get comfortable in his new life circumstances. It certainly puts things into perspective when someone close nearly “stepped in front of the bus” so to speak. “ Indulging” has as many versions as there people and circumstances can change what those indulgences may be.

    Thank you, yet again, Dear Lady, for allowing me in on yet another insightful lesson.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Elle & Gord,
      So glad you took the time to write. Hope Gord is mending well, and i was pleased to see his FaceBook update. He is on our Dementia Mentors’ prayer list. Would be a treat if he could join chat for a few minutes some time.

      i know he wants to get back out there, but Please encourage Gord to take some time, and not rush his recovery.
      Much love.
      Tru & Guy


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