Perspective of HOPE

What creates HOPE in your life ???

How can you create PATHS to fulfill that hope?

What SUSTAINS that hope in your life ??

Tru here.

In my life, regardless of the struggles during any individual day,
HOPE is a necessary part of that day.
Hope is crucial to retaining enthusiasm for life during that day.

Webster’s Dictionary says hope (as a transitive verb) is
1. to desire with expectation of obtainment or fulfillment ,&
2.  to expect with confidence .

Hope is an ACTIVE process of keeping my life in a positive frame of reference.

Like too many others, there has been a lot of violence in my family’s experiences.  And coping with my progressive brain decline adds almost-constant discouragement and frustration from a constantly-changing “New Normal”,
So …

To keep a larger perspective
it is crucially important to have a note of “HOPE”
in each movie i finish,
in each book i finish,
and in each song i listen to.

If the movie, book, or song seems to lack hope, i quickly drop it; i do not finish it.
And only those items which convey a strong note of hope (in some manner) are retained in my library.

I try to spend more time with friends who look at life with hope,
than time with friends who no longer have hope in their perspective.
… Otherwise the relationship drain becomes too costly for myself.

I have no desire to lose motivation for life,
so i strive to keep hope in each part of EVERY day.
I cannot afford to lose sight of hope in my perspective.

I think most people’s lives are filled with
astonishing abilities AND dys-Abilities (usually unrecognized & un-addressed),
… joy AND sadness,
… exhilaration AND suffering,
But too often we do not recognize those conditions in the folks around us,
because the avenues of their experiences do not match our own.
We only see and experience our own events,
so that becomes our context.

First time i read Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” was about a decade before my dementia symptoms became noticable.  Actually, as one of my most-frequently-read (and written-in) secular books, eventually, i copied each page and put in 3-hole binder.  i forget the title of chapter, but one of the chapters gave instructions to visualize your own funeral;
Ideally, what would you like to hear there, about your “fulfilled” life ?

This was my major tool for determining what my own “fulfilled” life would look like.
My own purpose (or HOPE) in life is
to reflect Truthful Loving Kindness in my life and interactions;
written and oral, spoken and un-spoken, public and intimately intensely personal,
and finally (but crucially important) … seen and unseen.

So my “hope” is for opportunities to fulfil that goal in various ways.

i can only control myself,
so  i strive to become informed in how i can best reflect Truthful Loving Kindness
to myself and others,
because relationships are what make life worth living.
i prioritize my time, funds, and energy with that goal as very high priority.

Dementia symptoms change the pathways for that goal, but make absolutely no change on goal itself


Above is my own answer to the preface questions.
So …

What creates true hope in YOUR life ???

How can you create paths to FULFILL that hope?  And …

What SUSTAINS that hope in your life ??

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