Ministering to Persons Living with Dementia

Some excerpts with Robert Bowles’ words from his FaceBook 13Dec2015 page, with permission.  Bold font added in a few places to facilitate later finding quotes.  

God gave me the purpose in 2013 of ministering to those that are diagnosed with LBD and other types of dementia. I’m thankful for each opportunity He gives me.

I was saddened early this morning when I received a phone call that someone in Pike County had died from LBD. I was thankful that the family called me. I had the privilege of mentoring this gentleman the last part of 2014 and into early 2015. This gentleman was a year or two younger than me. My thought and prayers are with this family.

This afternoon I had the privilege of going to the nursing home and mentoring a gentleman who was diagnosed with LBD about 2 months ago. He was receiving physical therapy rehab at the nursing home. I was able to spend almost 2 hours with him during which he and his family had many questions. When mentoring someone, I share my journey with LBD and stress that every person is different. I stress that there is life beyond diagnosis, and that acceptance, positive attitude, and purpose are important.

As I was about to leave the nursing home, the son looked at his dad and told him… not forget that Robert told you there is life after diagnosis and to stay strong in acceptance, attitude and purpose. The Dad lit up like a light bulb and said….thank you for coming to see me. I responded… and I are on this this journey together and I’ll see you soon.


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