Mother’s Day 4 Connie


Thank you for providing a home base for me:


I willingly left everything I knew as home.

… You welcomed me in your home as a daughter.


I cautiously spread my wings into a new job.

… You encouraged my independence.


I painfully learned that sometimes love isn’t enough.

… You listened while I cried.


I fearfully tried to start life again.

… You assured me that I was worth it.



Unexpectedly, I found someone new,

And you shared my happiness.


Grief-stricken, I mourned the loss of a loved one,

And you understood without questions.


Sleepless and depleted, I sat down at your table

And you guided me.



… That sounds like a mother to me.

Happy Mother’s Day, Connie

Love, Bindy


written Feb 19, 1997.

I lived with Connie after i moved to California.  Very special lady.
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