Service Dog Links

Service/Assistance Dog issue Links and postings are below:

ADA Business Brief re SrvDogs at ;

Selection Issues ;
Joan Froling temperament testing >> ;
Preliminary thoughts for Service Dog Breed (again by Joan Froling) at ;
Book “Right Dog for You” by Daniel F. Tortora PhD at ;
Puppy prospects >> ;
Good suggestions and Links for picking service dog prospects are at ;

UPDATE 20200426: “Service Animal” definition now limited to dogs only, but reasonable accommodation for miniature horses if requirements are met.  See ADA Link at .

Task Issues

Helping handler get up from ground after a fall by myself at >> ;

SrvDogs and dementia “wandering” article by Joan Froling
at ;
Psych-Dog tasks by Joan Froling >> ;
Cardiac-alert >> ;

re dropped medication at .


Training Issues ;
Teamwork Books & DVDs  >> ; ;


Supply Issues

Active Dogs >> ;
Bark Outfitters w/Amazon >> ;
Jerk-Ease w/Amzn >> ;
SrvDog Vest w/Amazon >> ;
Harness for inside house >> ;
ID holder >> ;
Purple Dog Tag >> ; …


Animals & Dementia
1 >>;
2 >> ;
3 >> ;


Good-Bye Hero 2008 >> ; &
Blessing 2016 >> ;


Here are some other Service Dog links:

Alicia Smith
Bk4trng Alz SrvDog
SrvDogs: A Brain’s Best Friend
Stonehill Kennel: SrvDogs
Memory Assist SrvDogs
Memory Abilities of Dogs
Trng SrvDogs on Dementia Scale
… Change Lives of Alz Sufferers
Dementia Dog Stories x2
Dementia Dog Photos
Mike Good on SrvDogs Alz
FB Dementia Dog
DementiaDog Case Study
Assistance Dogs Inrntnl…/training…/
IAADP Conf w/video4Selecting SrvDog Candidate
FB Grp: Dementia SrvDogs
Sue’s Temperament test
SAFER Aggression Assessment
Meet Your Match Tool
AKC – Canine Good Citizen




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