Arthur Cottage

Tru’s Ancestors in Ireland:

“Arthur Cottage” in Cullybacky, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, was home to my gt-gt-gt Grandfather William McNeel’s grandparents, Alan Arthur (1766-1795) and his wife Elizabeth McHarg
(also grandparents to 21st US President Chester Alan Arthur who served 1881-1885).

The cottage’s thatched roof and some contents were destroyed 27 May 2011, but apparently the cottage has been restored.  Wiki says …

“It sits in an elevated position on Gourley’s Hill. It is constructed of local stone and its walls are some 20 inches thick; bog oak beams support the thatched roof of local flax. It is earthen-floored with a cobble-stoned hearth. The simple rectangular cottage consists of two rooms, each the full width of the building. One room is a kitchen/living room, while the other serves as a bedroom (with access to a second bed in the loft above it). Latter additions to the building were removed to restore the cottage to its original condition.”

Route= Erma Kilroy << Georgie Pearl McNeel >> Robert McNeel << William McNeel << Jane Arthur << (parents) Alan Arthur (1766-1795) and wife Elizabeth McHarg .

Elizabeth McHarg was born 1777 in The Draen, Near Ballymena, Antrim, Ireland, but 3 McHarg dna cousins give me theory that our McHarg ancestors might be sourced from Dumfries & Galloway … in Scotland.

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