Tommy on Conversation

Contributions from other Persons Living with Dementia symptoms:
Tommy Dunne,
with Alzheimers-type dementia.

Here are some of Tommy’s tweets on topic of conversation:


“Conversation is a good example of a simple activity that is meaningful and beneficial for a person with dementia.” – Tommy Dunne 2017Oct16


“Typical conversation with someone with dementia
you ok
weathers awful
Anyone been to see U
Got to go see you tomorrow
– Tommy Dunne 2014Feb09


PARTNERSHIP Aspect of Conversation:

“the art of a conversation
knowing when to talk and knowing when to listen.”
– Tommy Dunne 2017Aug14

“Conversation is a process of ‘give & take’ vital to sharing meaning,
helping ppl keep a sense of themselves & participating in life.” – Tommy Dunne 2017Apr24

“Never talk over our head as if we are not there
– especially if you’re talking about Us
always Include us in conversations”. – Tommy Dunne 2017Aug31

“The trouble my peers & myself have is that ppl talk so fast when they R in a group we have trouble following the conversation.” – Tommy Dunne 2016Sep22

“Multiple conversations around us are so confusing and isolating.” – Tommy Dunne 2016Dec12

“Others, whether family, friends, strangers or health professionals
tend to address Carer &
no longer include us in the conversation.” – Tommy Dunne 2017Aug21

“When having a conversation with a Person with Dementia
please listen 2 us
instead of trying to think of what to say next.” – Tommy Dunne 2015Feb25

“Empathy requires U 2give time & space for PWD to find their words &
Share responsibility for steering the course of a conversation.” – Tommy Dunne 2016Jun20

“Talk to the PWD
listen 2 their wishes
&work in partnership with them.” – Tommy Dunne 2016Dec01



“it only takes one word to start a conversation.” – Tommy Dunne 2013Dec13

“When no one else does anything to engage their attention the PLWD has no choice but to retreat into their own thoughts.”
– Tommy Dunne 2018Apr09

“Over time U may notice that the PWD starts fewer conversations themselves you then need to know Ways to encourage communication.” – Tommy Dunne 2016Sep22

“Museums can engage PLWD & improve wellbeing
When PWD see or handle objects it can trigger memories & stimulate conversation.” – Tommy Dunne 2017May01

“Picture books can be a useful tool as
they help promote conversation & dialogue which in turn can have a whole host of benefits.” – Tommy Dunne 2015Jun04

“Memory boxes are not just for people with dementia
everyone should have one,
they are a great conversation starter.
((Birth)) is the time to start them ….”
– Tommy Dunne 2016Dec22

“People don’t know how to start a conversation with someone living with dementia
that’s why the PWD life story book is important.” – Tommy Dunne 2017Apr 24

“I would recommend downloading the House of Memories app
(just type that into Google)
Great conversation starts on that.” – Tommy Dunne 2016Oct10

Make sure you get the PWD’s full attention before you start talking to us
(the times I’ve missed half a conversation).” – Tommy Dunne 2016Sep 22

“You should never start a conversation with
“remember when
what was the name of what’s his name that use to work …”.”
– Tommy Dunne 2017Apr24



“The conversation needs to be done sooner rather than later.
Death is something we will all have to face
So why not talk about it.” – Tommy Dunne 2017Sep21

“I’m fighting everyday for dementia to be talked about everyday in conversation
it’s only way to kill the stigma.” – Tommy Dunne 2014Sep11

“please don’t keep saying Do you Remember it but puts pressure on us.” – Tommy Dunne 2016Dec01


Please DO:

“Make time to listen,
have regular conversations
make sure you enjoy being together &
create a life story book.”
– Tommy Dunne 2017Aug31


“It gets harder & harder to follow conversations when you have dementia
so it’s important to look at the PWD when speaking to us.” – Tommy Dunne 2017Jan04

“There are ways to support conversation
give, PWD enough time to find the word,
but not so long that the person becomes embarrassed.” – Tommy Dunne 2016Oct10

“There are tremendous benefits in seeking out ways to involve younger children in activities, conversations and caring.
Research has shown that intergenerational activities have a more positive impact on a person with dementia than other types of activity.” – Tommy Dunne 2018Feb12

“PWD can still have a sense of humour & still engage in conversation
listen 2Us &
U will learn a lot
& Never ever give up on Us.” – Tommy Dunne 2014May17



“music/songs reaches the parts of the brain conversation sometimes can’t.” – Tommy Dunne 2015Jul06

“When they say it’s gone
I say
let’s go over what we were talkin about …
it comes back to them.” – Tommy Dunne 2014Mar12

((response)) “She will ((not?)) always B there always have conversations with her tell her whats going on in your life we will find away back.” – Tommy Dunne 2013Dec09

((when asked for advice))  “We only lost the ability to communicate not understand that’s what makes it so frustrating. You should still have a conversation with your mum as if she was giving you the answers you want. Play her fav music and sing give loads of hugs and hold hands.” – Tommy Dunne 2018May14

“… it’s like learning a new language understanding a person with dementia. You have to understand what’s not been said as much as what is been said” — Tommy Dunne 2018May31

“There are times when silence itself is a form of communication, but people are not comfortable with silence. Holding someone’s hand and smiling can say a 1000 words” — Tommy Dunne 2018May31



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