Prayer IS Action

Tru here.

Warning: it is late afternoon, so my tolerance and patience are thin.
I have memory problems, among other dementia symptoms.

Way too many friends (other folks Living with dementia) on social media to remember
who strongly appreciates “G0d bless you”,
and who is offended by it,
…  who is offended by “I am praying for you”,
… and those who feel wishing warmth or hugs is “trite”.
I do not live close-by, and no longer have ability to use the telephone.

Maybe it is trite to THEM, but at any rate,
it sounds like those things are not what they want in friendship.
… they want “action”.

In my world, prayer IS action !!!

Prayer is intimate conversation; the key to deeper relationship.

Intercessory Prayer is ACTION of first approaching,
then bringing a request to the Divine,
on behalf of someone other than yourself.
Considering the Omni-Science and Omni-Potence (power) of this entity,
i do not consider Prayer a minor endeavor.
In my world, prayer is a KEY, heart-felt action.

 —  ***  —

You know, my friend, i am sorry you are offended,
but EVERYONE is having problems;
none of us have an exclusive claim on suffering.

Really, finding words becomes more of a problem every month.
Leaving verbal comments on FaceBook is very difficult for me.

so Pictures will mostly be my words;
I can do this.
… or people can just go ahead and be offended.
… That’s fine.
Maybe their remarks have been during afternoons and evenings of low tolerance
and when their patience has grown thin.

So I am off to make picture-posters to show I care in pictures instead of “trite” words.

Tremors are preventing much drawing or doing projects that require small-muscle control, but still mostly able to maneuver keys on keyboard, so more of my recent “creating” time has being spent in graphic design.  I collect free-to-edit graphics … then compile them in various ways to suit my needs — and hopefully brighten YOUR day or bring some kind of peace and comfort.
… Like this one:



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