Pictures as Words

Tru here.

Some may have noticed that in social media i frequently use pictures now, instead of words,
and i am not the only one.
i think my verbal abilities are just declining much faster than my visual processing skills
(or even my photoShop skills, LOL).

as most know, composing words is much more time-consuming for me now.
A blog entry has increased to usually between 6 and 12 hours.
Having problems even composing brief replies to my dementia friends on social media.


i know i want to say something.
i want to give verbal hug, or tell them they are not alone,
in a way that shows i understand how they are feeling.
… but i cannot find words.


If husband is home then i will call him over and ask for his help composing the words.
if husband is not home, i now have quite a selection of pictures i have put together.
I try to find the picture that matches my feelings best, and just send the picture.
Or i might take the opportunity, and spend an hour or two composing a new picture.
(Sometimes even more time; husband says “very seldom less time”, LOL)

Whether in personal conversation, or textual conversation,
with increasing frequency, i cannot understand OR compile words;
Need pictures to understand what is said
… and need pictures to “speak my mind”.

But i have noticed that i am not the only one;
my dementia friends frequently just send a picture.
No words, just a picture of an animal or flowers, etc.
That shows i am not alone in this challenge ((smile)).

Started this entry,
then found i had already started another entry with the same title.
i suspect this is how i began my selection of pictures.  So also attaching it here.
(hmmm; began this entry with 3hrs on 01Feb2019, then worked on it 4 other days,
but now no idea what entry i am talking about here,
or what pictures i am talking about attaching).
Gonna leave this paragraph as “trigger” for possible future remembrance.


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UPDATE: ((Previously, i had a notice here at base of each entry with announcement and Logo for HealthLine 2019 Best Alz Blogs. To my surprise, after HealthLine contacted me in January with fact that i was included in 2019 Best Alz Blogs, then announcing it publically on March 18, ten days later they decided against including writers with Mild Cognitive Impairment, and removed this blog from their listing, leaving only one first-person perspective. Now i am deleting each of those announcements of my inclusion on HealthLine Best Alz Blogs for 2019. i hope they soon decide to include at least one other first-person perspective in their “Best Alzheimers Blogs”.)) >>


5 thoughts on “Pictures as Words

    • Hello Bobbie. Tru here.
      i appreciate your positive outlook and candor with the turmoil of Life. No longer able to follow every blog entry on everyone’s blog , but definitely try to keep in touch on FaceBook.


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