Feeling Left Out with Dementia Symptoms

I was asked to think about what phrases and actions leave Persons With Dementia symptoms feeling left out. … Includes: Phrases that exaggerate my symptoms, Phrases that minimize (invalidate) my symptoms, Phrases that ignore my symptoms, Phrases that minimize (or ignore) my life-expectations, Actions that exaggerate my symptoms, Actions that ignore my symptoms, and Actions that exaggerate my “different-ness” or “alone-ness”.

All of these situations involve showing respect, embracing who the person is, and meeting them at their varied ability levels (because some aspects of abilities are still very high, and some quite low).

PWD Communication in Early stages

Tru here.  Please remember, each person’s experience with dementia can be widely different.  Not only are there many different kinds of dementia (with Alzheimer’s in the lead), but some doctors say that most people with dementia have a mixture of several types of dementia, each in different amounts.  Additionally, individual personality, motivations and life experiences create unique dementia […]