Food and Recipes

i think EVERYONE should have some “favorite” recipes to look to, just in case complications arise.
This is my List of Foods and Recipes.


Due to celiac disease must avoid gluten (wheat, rye, and barley) as ingredient, or suffer 14 days digestive disaster.
Due to blood sugar complications i need low-carbohydrate foods every two hours while awake.
i stretch those time restrictions by drinking my chocolate-coffee-protein,
but one of the first things my husband observed when meeting me was that
i am eating or drinking almost constantly throughout the day.

1/2 to 1 gallon water per day. (Discovered i was flushing nutrients by drinking too much, so 1 gallon is absolute max).
One single-serving packet of sugar-free flavored-water mix per day
Approx 24oz chocolate-coffee-protein per day, using ~6oz cold-brew coffee concentrate. Served Hot or Cold. (Recipe needs added)
One fried egg with runny yolk (or hand-made eggnog) first thing every morning, because liquid yolk provides good cholestrol.
One Tablespoon thick-cut oatmeal cooked and served with full-fat milk every day except Saturday (when i get 2 Tblsp along with 12 raisins cut in half).
Either spring greens or Napa Cabbage for mid-afternoon snack, served with a boiled egg, slivered nuts, and Ranch dressing (with sugar-free relish & tiny bit of catsup) or coleslaw dressing.
i use konjac “rice” or “pasta” (made from 100% fiber chinese yam) instead of other high-carb alternatives, but must eat before 5pm, or upsets sleep-patterns.
i eat ~1/4 cup Carb-Smart Vanilla Ice Cream per day (yum !).
Prefer low-carb vegies/fruits on week-days, but splurge a bit on week-ends

Prefer fish about once a week and remainder of week is beef/poultry. No pork, shellfish, etc.
Very much enjoy Crispy BBQ chicken thighs with Guy’s special seasonings. (Need recipe for both)
Tomato sauce often too acidic for me, so i eat it maximum once a week. Most sauces are white sauce or cheese sauce.
Enjoy “Bragg’s Liquid Amino” sauce over stir-fry or almond chicken about once a week.
Love to have a large pot of soup or stew available to just snack on all weekend.
Cauli-Potato Soup several times a month.
Broccoli-Bisque Soup several times a month.
Borscht (hot or cold) several times a month.
Orange Chicken several times a month, over konjac/oat “rice”.
2-3 “Milton’s Gluten Free Everything” Crackers with soup (~1.5g carb/cracker).

Corned Beef or nitrate-free hot dogs once or twice a month.
We eat “out” about once a month or less.

Total Sweetener intake:
Approx 2 packets Splenda per week for eggnog, oatmeal, etc.
Stevia mix in chocolate-coffee-protein mix


RECIPES include:
Borscht >>
Cauli-Potato Soup at ;
Orange Chicken with Rice at ;

Proper-Proper-Proper Baked Sweet Potato at ;


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