Misinterpretation or Hallucination

My friend, retired doctor Jennifer Bute, writes about experiencing misinterpretation … and experiencing hallucination.  She says:

Misunderstandings can be caused by situations as well as by words.
I remember being a patient in a hospital that had wonderful shiny floors, and the person in the bed next to me refused to get out, as she said she did not want to get her feet wet – but the staff thought she was being uncooperative.

Surfaces can distort images, and
reflections can be thought to be the real thing and cause confusion.
Carpets with busy patterns are well known to confuse and can be thought to be manholes or things to trip over. …

I have these last weeks been confused by seeing people sitting outside their flats, which usually means they are happy to be spoken to or even are hoping someone will talk to them.
Some of these people do not exist as they are hallucinations, which I realise once I reach them and can see they are certainly not residents. They do not respond so I go away and they usually disappear.
I can find it difficult when it happens frequently, but I do not tell others about it –
they just see me walk up to an empty chair, stop, and walk away again.
I then return to my flat and make myself a cup of tea.
There is one chair in particular I now always ignore – I’m not sure why so often I see hallucinations there!


Kindness, patience and caring can reverse many things. Someone said to me that these things act as a reassuring blanket.  — Jennifer Bute 24Jun2021

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