Roller-Coaster of Primary Progressive Aphasia

Contributions from other Persons Living with Dementia symptoms:
KimJoy Ovard,
with Primary Progressive Aphasia (PPA)-type of Fronto-Temporal Dementia, along with Lewy Body Dementia.

KimJoy Ovard on 2019 April 9:

Come into my world. …

Today my words didn’t wanna come out right again,
it’s a mumble or noise
as I can’t form them ((words)).

Poor Blake gets yep yep yep...
mind you yep yep yep means things like whole sentences,

… its in here but cant get out.

It passes and I talk good,
kinda good,
then good again,

like a rollar coaster

or like I got a short like a radio,
just wack me and Ill work again,

if only that easy….

but its daily now,

I also tried to help Blake today,
simple task, tape glass shelves, 4 peices, top bottom..
simple huh, well I was proud of me, thought I did good. …
seems as usual what I thought I did good wasnt…
some not taped, well you get the idea.

but ya know I tried, …

at the time felt I did good…

each day I accept these things as short falls
… new normals
like having so much to say but nothing can come out

…hmmmm good thing I like me
cause I’m gonna be in here with myself soon…


2:13pm (Below i transcribed from KimJoy’s video >>–

“Hello, I  …”
… “No talk 2 times today …
Blake go to store … I sit here …
I … no can talk right …
— no !”


((… and Transcribed from minutes later, at this video >> ))

“Within minutes this is how it changes.
I could no make words come out, but right now you can hear me.

This morning it was like this,
then I talk just fine,
then it just went to where it was just …

Now it’s coming down to right like this.
And I probably will be okay again,
but that’s two times today,
and that’s more than it’s been doing.

I no can make the words.
It cant come out.
It no work.

The mouth; nothing makes the words
… it’s like the brain makes where the muscles no work too,
and I cannot form them.  But …

Up here,
in my inside,
I’m talking normal.

This is how crazy this disease of Primary Progressive Aphasia is.

And it’s so horrid for you-all to understand,
because during the okay times I look just normal and fine.

These other times come and go constantly,
like a roller-coaster.
… Everything in here.

I know what I want to say
… nothing works to SAY it.

This is very bad disease,
but I keep going.”  …


Other text comments throughout the day:

made video just bit ago mostly to show myself I not crazy.
. I can’t get words out…then can

…hmmmmm we need a cure..

if bad day, get up anyway
and try.
Be happy right where you be..


8:49pm (Below was transcribed by me – Tru, from video when KimJoy had no trouble speaking) >>

“I made some videos earlier today, and I wanted to make this one now,
because I get to be ME right now. …

I’m hoping these videos help care-givers understand
that the dementia person is still in there.

We can’t help the fluctuation roller-coaster. …

I believe God has given me this life. …

… you don’t know what someone’s struggling with,
and you don’t know,
from minute-to-minute,
how fast it can go away.  …

… It’ll build up again because the brain functions EVERYTHING;
from my walkin’, my talkin’, everything I do.
Dementia is just a bad disease.

My mouth, nothing forms the words.
… there’s nothing I can do to control and get it ((the words)) out.

It’s very frustrating because inside I’m here; I’m just like I am now.

Get in a support group;
talk to the people with it ((dementia))
so you understand that your person, that has it, ((dementia))
is IN there.

… at any moment I am going to go mute just like those videos.
… I want to be thankful for my life … my store …kids …

Be good to people, people.
You don’t know what they’re going thru. …

My prayer is I’ll help somebody. …
Don’t take for granted ANYTHING in your life,
because it can change in a minute,
like my day.

Think about what YOU can do

___ * ___ * ___

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