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Sometimes we need reminded that needs change … so strategies need to change also.
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My friend Jennifer Bute posted this on her “Glorious Opportunity” page,
but i have added line breaks for clarity.



Several years ago I used this picture when I was doing my lectures. I cannot remember where it originated The caption read “It does not matter how many resources one has if one does not know how to use them ”

So often when someone was diagnosed with dementia they were either given nothing to help or overwhelmed with resources. Both were not best practice.
Perhaps it should add ‘or if one has forgotten’

So often relatives do not understand why things are not going well when so many resources are in place and much effort and thought has gone into providing such. However if the person cannot remember what to do with the resource they cannot use it effectively and will give up.

We forget and need to be reminded again and again and again.
Last week and the week before I have repeatedly forgotten to press my OK button in the mornings.
[A scheme here so staff know who are not OK and are able to check. The system was adjusted as so many of us forgot to a prerecorded message sent by phone at an agreed time if the person forgot to press the button.  I got used to receiving this message but when two members of staff appeared this week out of concern
I thought there must be fault on the line
as I could not believe I had forgotten every day
and even ignored the reminder.

So remember that even if we once knew how to use a resource and seem fine
we might well still need to be reminded !

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