Technology as Strategy

Contributions from other Persons Living with Dementia symptoms: Ron Coleman,

with Lewy Body Dementia.

… excerpts from Ron’s “Dementia Diary”, entry #5.

Ron Coleman here …

Around Eighteen Months ago … my memory problems became apparent …
We … needed … to sort out how I was going to retain my autonomy so that (my wife) could continue her work.

I have never been a fan of having workers in my house
and even less of a fan of residential care
even for respite.

There is one great benefit I do have
and that is I have been used to technology all of my adult life
this has included computer tech.

So it should come as no surprise to hear that
with the help of my son, son-in-law and a couple of others
I have turned to Technology to keep my freedom.

We are currently working towards making my house not dementia friendly but dementia responsive

in other words we are using Artificial Intelligence (Alexa}
in order to integrate my whole house with my needs as they are now
and with the capacity to grow as my needs change.

The first part of this process was for me to create an essential lifestyle plan …
things that are essential for me
like my morning routine

once this was done we looked at how tech could help in that routine

From waking me up,
remembering meds
telling me what my diary for the day is
controlling my shower EG temp
turning shower off if I forget
putting on my kettle for morning cuppa
and numerous other things
including the Artificial Intelligence (AI} contacting my wife when I wake up in the morning to tell her I am safe and awake

These are just some of the things we are working on
some are already working
others will be tested soon.

One that we have tested that I really like is for
basic shopping from my local shop
Remember I live 30miles from the supermarket
cannot drive
and find it too difficult to go to town on my own by bus
so I can now shop by telling Artificial Intelligence {AI} to put things I need
onto my basic shopping list
My Wife can also add to the list from wherever she is
as can my two kids
any of us can then forward to the shop
and the next day the groceries arrive
all done by voice.

I am really excited by the possibilities that this will open up for us
and how we can be more in control of our own lives for longer
and most importantly for me
I will achieve my dream of dying at home. …
— Ron Coleman

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