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“PWD Perspective” Contributions from other Persons With Dementia (PWD):  Michael Woods:

Michael Woods 2014 Quotes in my “Favorites” File:

20140909 Sep 9: In George Melly’s dementia, the very last thing to diminish was the essence of George Melly.

20140910 Sep 10: (My) rules living with dementia – Complete Will, LPA’s, and all other financial and practical matters, then file and forget about them.

20140913 Sep 13: George Melly to me – “Why am I over there?” Me – “It’s the mirror George.” George – “Oh! Dementia means I can be in two place at once?”

20140913 Sep 13: My rules with dementia – Keep and nurture kind, caring, and loving friends, let the rest wither away …

20140916 Sep 16: Breakfast – at the ring tone I put mobile in the toaster and bread to my ear.

20140916 Sep 16: I tried to reassure my GP that as an aging mammal with a progressive untreatable disease, I will die. She wrote me another prescription.

20140916 Sep 16: Is CBT beneficial in early onset dementia, and if so, in what way?

20140916 Sep 16: My rules with dementia – Stay aware that my creativity is not different since diagnosis, or somehow has less merit than it did before.

20140927 Sep 27: Dementia – Three hours of feeling normal is like a transforming gift from the gods. Respite to treasure.

20140927 Sep 27: Early onset vascular dementia/Alzheimer’s – Acrylic on canvas  819 Blog MichaelWoods EarlyVasc 4in100ppi

20140927 Sep 27: Orbiting Self in Consciousness – Acrylic on canvas

20140927 Sep 27: Vascular dementia – Acrylic on canvas

20140928 Sep 28: Dementia – Discussing my symptoms with people, they remain stuck in the Mind-Body disconnect syndrome, as if I were mentally ill.

20140928 Sep 28: Dementia – With poor or no visual memory/encoding, emotional colouring has become new way of seeing and remembering.

20140928 Sep 28: The language of art in whatever form, is not restricted by politics or religion, but is universal, speaking to the heart, not dogma.

20141002 Oct 2: Dementia – My excessive need to control, even objects, is a defense against ultimately relinquishing control over anything and everything.

20141003 Oct 3: Dementia – I live life incrementally, a step at a time. People have to slow down to catch-up with me.

20141003 Oct 3: I’ve been a Dadaist, Existentialist, Surrealist, and now with Alzheimer’s, a Dementialist? Right! I feel a Manifesto coming on …

20141004 Oct 4: Dementia – Music is a bridge between fragmentation and the core essence of being enabling me to remain integrated and centred within myself.

20141115 Nov 15: Dementia – I wish well meaning friends would stop suggesting alternative medicines like acupuncture, essential oils, or herbal teas.

20141118 Nov 18: Dementia – Although my brain is organically deteriorating, one flash of the news and I’m feeling productive, creative, enlightened, wise …

20141119 Nov 19: Dementia – Having dementia doesn’t mean I’m brain-dead to society, culture, and politics, or being angry about injustice is symptomatic.

20141119 Nov 19: I deliver my photograph to National Portrait Gallery Tuesday. At last, I’m in a National permanent collection.

20141124 Nov 24: Dementia – Cookies: I keep getting pop-ups on Google, FB, and so forth. for care homes and funeral services. Hardly reassuring or helpful.

20141124 Nov 24: Dementia – Skype with @Heloise_Delegue today from Paris. Skype helps with visual memory and encoding problems.

20141124 Nov 24: Dementia – When I contact my Memory Clinic, they can’t remember who I am. With budget cuts, I’m wondering whether patients man the phones.

20141126 Nov 26: Dementia – Years of investing in my friends has paid dividends. I’m surrounded by loving people who have my best interests at heart.

20141128 Nov 28: Dementia – Don’t be afraid of dementia. Fear simply contributes to anxiety and depression. Dementia can bring special benefits of its own.

20141202 Dec 2: Dementia – Having little visual memory or encoding can be quite useful when travelling on the tube, or shopping in Tesco’s.

20141203 Dec 3: Dementia – Limited visual memory, compensatory core narrative processes (semantic) thought in micro-seconds. Thus I remain coherent.

20141205 Dec 5: Dementia – Aware how I stall in answering a question by talking around it to both remember the answer and appear normal.

20141207 Dec 7: Can new neural pathways be constructed through psychotherapy or even CBT? I believe dialectic’s play a vital role in neural regeneration.

20141207 Dec 7: Dementia – Thought I’d get everyone an Easter card for Christmas, then wait for them to contact me to see how my condition’s progressing.

20141207 Dec 7: Dementia – When I mispronounce a word (often), and turn it into a joke, or pretend, like the Surrealist poet, Desnos, to be in a trance.

20141208 Dec 8: Dementia – Before dementia, life was a mystery. Now it’s a confused mystery I have no desire to unravel or explain.

20141208 Dec 8: Regard La Lune – Taken with my new Nikon Coolpix 9700  819 Blog MichaelWoods LaLuna 4in200ppi

20141219 Dec 19: Dementia – I’m quite wondering what Christmas has come to mean to me, except I seem to know what it means to everyone else.

20141219 Dec 19: Dementia – Scanning my half million negatives for @BridgemanImages /NPG reveals my personal history and (forensically) makes me own it.

20141229 Dec 29: Dementia – A years training building up a sweat, gum shield-in, gloves-on, shorts to big, I’m standing in the ring looking for Boxing Day.

20141229 Dec 29: Dementia – As my world diminishes, conversely, my inner world expands, and I’m exploring whole new realms of being, and being existent.

20141229 Dec 29: Dementia – Deteriorating process of dementia, can also be seen as a life enhancing process, where new opportunities become possible.

20141229 Dec 29: Dementia – Experiencing the last two weeks at a snail’s pace, I must have been travelling at the speed of light – Where’s Christmas?

20141229 Dec 29: Dementia – In bed Christmas morning, wondering what I’d like to be when I grow up.

20141229 Dec 29: Dementia – The creative process of Art, I lose myself in order to find myself all over again. Now, re-finding myself takes a little longer.

20141229 Dec 29: Dementia – There’s an expectation that I should behave demented, and disappointment when I’m fluent, coherent, semantically normal.

20141229 Dec 29: Dementia – Was Ryle wrong by stating, “There’s no ghost in the machine”? As my brain deteriorates, the nearer I get to the Self, or ghost.

20141231 Dec 31: Dementia – Rang Nicolas Roeg this morning, but we had to remind each other who we were. He asked me to ring him next week if I remember.

20141231 Dec 31: Dementia – Reviewing the new anti Alzheimer drug they want to put me on, I’m wondering if the side-effects will outweigh the benefits.



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