DSS- Veda Meneghetti

Dementia Success Stories:
“How we made a difference for self and those around us AFTER diagnosis”

A dementia brain-storming project by participants of PWD Perspective newsletter
Compiled and edited by Truthful L. Kindness (yes it is legal name)

  1. Label: Veda Meneghetti (Veda)
  2. Previous/current occupation(s?): Musician (rock)- songwriter, vocals, guitar
  3. Nation, & state if desired: Australia, NSW south coast
  4. Age at tentative diagnosis: 61 (2011)
  5. Year of diagnosis: 2012
  6. How long for definitive diagnosis: 9 months
  7. Type of dementia, if known: FTD/PPA/LPA (Logopenic Progressive Aphasia)
  8. Since diagnosis, what one or more action, success, or accomplishment do you take pride in?  …  A) Presenting publicly (twice) at the Kiama Dementia Friendly Community project;  B) Deciding to say “I’ve got dementia and I don’t give a damn who knows”;  C) My photography;  D) My cooking (BBQ);  E) Helping other people with dementia;  F) Smiling and looking happy when all I want to do is cry
  9. What do you wish your primary Physician knew about dementia? How to make me feel happier  …about you? How I feel
  10. What do you wish your specialist Physician knew about dementia? … about you?  I hope they know what they’re doing
  11. What do you wish your family knew about dementia? … about you?  My partner looks after me. She understands what I’m going through, most of the time.  My family live in another state and they know about my diagnosis. My sister is the only one in my family who knows anything about dementia but she doesn’t know what I need. She can’t shut up. They have no idea about what I have to live with.


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