Dementia Friends

Written by my friend Maureen Kessler. 

This prose combines insight on sensory symptoms of Lewy Body Dementia,
with the idea of new friends as a STRATEGY. 
i love it, so want to share this piece from Maureen Kessler,
(but i have added bold font and line breaks for clarity).

To all my new dementia friends, far and near.
This is for you.
Just knowing you care and are there has changed my life.
It only took 12 years to find you!
Now this is my first attempt at any creativity in forever. Yikes! …

my new friends
 … and you shall hear
The whispers, the ringings
  … that haunt my ears.

my new friends
 … and you shall see
The shadows, the images
 … that won’t let me be.

my new friends
 … and you shall miss
The scents, the pleasures
 … that rendered me bliss.

my new friends
 … and you shall feel
The pain, the loneliness
 … that brings me to kneel.


my new friends
 … and you shall be
The strength, and the wisdom
 … that can set me free.

my new friends
 … as you can save
Not one, but the many
 … of people like me.

my new friends.

Above was written by Maureen Kessler, and shared at her FaceBook page on 17Dec2020 >> .

Explanatory page for Lewy Body Dementia is here >> ;

Index for Maureen’s pages on my blogsite is here >> .

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