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Here it is mid February already. We were not all stressing about Christmas! Seems as many bad days as good days now. Tired, slow and a bit of apathy seeped in recently.

Interesting thing happening, my eye’s seem to half close when I am having a bad day or feeling anxious. My daughter mentioned to me and after paying attention, it is true. Strange development – anyone else having this weird circumstance.

Dave and I are meeting with a man who is putting on a play in Vancouver about dementia. Sounds like an interesting idea. Will share some great idea’s for us in terms of long term care at next posting. Have a great day!

So after a cup of hot lemon, I wish to share a few ideas that my husband uses to make our life easier.

Bathroom – remove items other than those needed for the particular time of day. Only one tube of toothpaste and no other tubes, so Myrna won’t get mixed up.Nothing like Next or other dangerous products within area.

Instead of asking me if I am thirsty, Dave brings drinks of water mostly to me and just sets the drink on a table within my grasp. When I see it – I drink it.

Fibits – Not sharing the current drama going on, little white lies are more than expectable they are necessary as coping skills may have deteriorated so I cannot make sense of them and may become anxious.

Anxiety – Music, music and/or music soothes the savage beast – not that I am a beast but music works. While I can still let Dave know what my favourites are – he can make a cd or whatever the new system is – and turn it on when I am upset.

Audio books are wonderful when the ability to read become too difficult. One can borrow from library, use computer and probably other devices and it is a nice time for relaxing for both person with dementia (me) and caregiver (Dave).

Hope this helps

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