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Kathleen Anduze March 21, 2016

Last week Frank Castella Sr. sent me a powerful video about the benefits of bike riding for those with Parkinson’s.

Today Dave, Danny & I went to the Pleasant Valley Bicycle Shop, and I got this new bike!

I was so impressed that Randy and Butch at the bike store had seen the video, and helped me choose the right bike. I am so excited & encouraged.


message to Kat 2018 Jan 25 at 9:15am: Thinking to make a few more pages on my blog; 21 March 2016 project of exercise with bicycle (using photo and FaceBook update), 11 Nov 2016 wish come true with Fresian horse (using photo & FB update) & today’s comments for current update. Is that okay ?

message from Kat: Yes, they were beautiful moments in my life, so thank you.

11:14am: Thank you for letting me share your beautiful moments with others. Will give them context for moments of their own.

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