Learned During 2016, for dealing with my own dementia symptoms

These are things that were applicable for ME this year, so it is possible they might be helpful for someone else.)

Importance of Communication with PWD

Be willing to invest NOW in learning communication skills for the later stages, so that you can more easily discern the language spoken in the “fading” communications of late-stage dementia … because relationships are what make life worth living.

Recent Pages by others with Dementia Symptoms 2015 January 12

I am sorry; thought I posted some of this long ago, but then discovered it was still unfinished in “draft” status, because I apparently made some huge mistakes. It took me until now to correct mistakes and finish. Listed alphabetical by subject: Advocacy, Art, Brain function, Craft, Importance of Patient-Perspective, Photography, Prose, Update

July Pages by others with Dementia Symptoms Part 2

These are newest pages that I have posted from persons with dementia symptoms who have shared their lived experience thru words or projects.
Includes Barry Pankhurst, Cecil Ristow, David Kramer, Harry Urban, Max McCormick, Michael Ellenbogen, and Vicki Atkinson.
I thank each of you for your generosity of letting the public into your private world !
My hope is that your perspectives can be applied to help and encourage other patients, care-partners, and professionals.