Let it Flow

Tru here.

Lately my concentration is extra-scattered and short-term memory has been even poorer than usual.
As grandson would say, my “Rememberer” is more broken than usual.

Needed to add item to calendar.
picked up my cell phone, but by the time i opened it i forgot why (even with no interuptions).
So i went back to what i was doing and remembered,
but by the time i opened cell phone i again forgot why.
Left cell phone open in my hand for minutes and finally remembered
— but by that time the power had turned itself off.
By the time i got cell phone “on”, had again forgotten what app i needed to open.
Gave up.
Later, realized that was why i thought i had added something to my calendar — because i remembered it so many times — but apparently never actually got it done.
growl snarl.

Tried to write blog three times this week
… each time discovering that i wrote about strategy of thinking aloud two weeks ago.
it is DONE … but i keep forgetting that i wrote it.
Started it earlier last week,
and again this morning.
Started it AGAIN after nap.
i am glad that each time i discovered that i have already written on it before i invested too many hours, but growl snarl ;
i hate wasting time !

… and it is amazing how many times a day that i turn to my husband and say
“can you help me find the words;
this and such is going on, and i want to say this and such,
but i want to say it in just a few words or just a couple sentences.”
… and he often finds the perfect words for what i was trying to say.

… but by the same token,
how many times a day is my husband talking, and i must tell him
“you know, i don’t understand anything you are telling me.
What is the topic ?
Now can you use different words and try again?
… or simply “I’m sorry, but you are speaking with building blocks, and i cannot keep the first part of conversation in my head long enough to understand second part, or third part.
So i am lost.

… and often, lately, we have needed to give up on communicating certain ideas
… because they are just beyond my abilities right now.

So switching gears and starting a new project — Posters.
(Posters don’t require words, LOL.)

This week is just sharing a past project, but lately art seems to be flowing better for me than words.  … so guess what i am doing ;
😃 Art ((smile)) 😃.😃


This week was (ZenTangle) Art, with Beads for my friend’s birthday >> https://truthfulkindness.com/about/life-other/arts-crafts/zen-mar2020/


Poster >> https://truthfulkindness.com/posters/not-stupid-poster/ , shared with this address >> https://truthfulkindness.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/my-thots-20140929-a4in300ppi.jpg



Spiritual >> https://truthfulkindness.com/about/life-other/spiritual/jew-id/ ;


Bits n Pieces (Spencer’s Birthday Poem) >> https://truthfulkindness.com/bnp/part-2/2c/srp-bday-poem1982/ ;


.— *** —

.*. . .*. . .*. SCHEDULE ((expired)) .*. . .*. . .*.

.*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*.
.*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*.

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