PWD Jean Lyon June 2015


“Give it a Try” (Contributed by Jean Lyon on June 28, 2015)

(Excerpt: “…this achievement is not just about my garden
it’s about doing something you perhaps thought was beyond you,
since your diagnosis of Alzheimer’s/Dementia.”)

*     *     *

Looking back to how my garden was at the end of last winter,
I could never in my wildest dreams imagine that it would turn out so well.

616 Jean Lyon Gardn 20150628a 4in150ppi

It has involved a total re think
as to how make it possible for me to continue gardening!
Both physically and mentally, daughter and I had already seen the top large containers emptied by our “Handy Andy, now what to fill them with?
I had plans in my head that probably changed fairly frequently or were forgotten because of the Alzheimers,
but not to be deterred soldiered on.
By the start of winter roses and honeysuckle had been planted,
but what to fill the other containers with?
The winter had been very dry and even old favourites looked almost dead!
A trip to the garden centre for inspiration paid off and decided on mainly perrenials,
had not grown them in containers before
so it was a step into the unknown,
but after a bad fall in the middle of it all,
and moments of wondering where the hell I was and what I supposed to be doing next
miraculously it has all come together brilliantly,
and if my plan works far less intensive labour in the future!

616 Jean Lyon SheShed 20150628b 4in150ppi

The “She-Shed”

 Jean Lyon I would like to add that the fabric for my “She shed” is some of my favourite duvet covers.
Not just to save money, but because they are “Familiar”
and hopefully will remain so for some time to come
 *     *     *

For now I can just go out and enjoy the scent
and looking for what’s flowering next,
a little light deadheading watering and sitting in my she shed
giving me a different perspective and view of the wild life,
so many different bee’s this year and butterflies still to come,

this achievement is not just about my garden
it’s about doing something you perhaps thought was beyond you,
since your diagnosis of Alzheimer’s/Dementia.
What ever you were interested in before
with a few changes you still may be able to do it,
give it a try.
My Daughter has been invaluable in this progress,
standing back sometimes
and just letting me work things out for myself
other times stepping in and working together,
she can have the next strawberry to ripen.

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