Bowles’ Prayer Request in ER

Some excerpts with Robert Bowles’ words from his FaceBook 04Mar2015 page, with permission.  Bold font added in a few places to facilitate later finding quotes.  Topics: Hospital, LewyBodyDementia, MedicalCare, SensoryProcessing.

“In waiting room at emergency department.
They have already done one test, now I am waiting to see a doctor.
My GI doctor told us to come here.
Please pray for all of us.”

…  “I am still sitting in waiting room.
I feel as if I am at a hog calling contest. I have dementia and the nurse is screaming out the name of the next patient. I am just before screaming; however,
I know, if I scream, I will be placed in the Psych ward.
When will healthcare providers ever become educated so that they can treat a person with dementia. I feel like I am at Grady Hospital ER in Atlanta. I know what it is like there because my first year of pharmacy school, I drove an ambulance.” …

“A patient is now screaming in the waiting room ” I don’t want to die”.
My head feels like a pinball machine is being played.” … 

“I have been here three hours. Fifty people in ER. When they called me back the first time, she called Robert Bowels. I stood up and said “yes I have a bowel problem but my name is Bowles”. The nurse never cracked a smile …

“I have now seen my 3rd and 4th nurse. I have finally been given a warming blanket. It is now almost four hours and I have not seen a doctor. No one has looked at of my medical records that I have with me.
“I have told five employees that I almost died in 2014 from something similar and I still have not seen a doctor. Our healthcare system is failing.” …

“I just got back from X-Ray and now in the hall again.
They started my IV in the arm that has the nerve pain running from top to bottom.” …

“It is bad to have a type dementia that you cannot take strong pain medicine for.” …

“.. I started to go outside and do something that would cause a lot of bleeding.
I thought about that for a minute and thought about, I would get stuck in a Psyc ward and given medications that could create an unpleasant outcome.” … 

“I have just seen the doctor. I had already drawn five vials of blood. Most of it hemolyzed due to waiting too long to run test.
Had to draw 4 more vials.
First IV placed in elbow of the arm that is having nerve pain
The doctor told me that since the blood hemolyzed and they had to draw more blood, it would be at least 2 more hours before results. No response on X-Ray. I think they went fishing. …
“I need your help.
Almost 5 hours, 6 nurses, 4 other people, X_Ray tech, draw more blood because the 5 vials hemolyzed because they said it took too long for them to test, ER physician, stenographer, nurse taking my shirt off in the hall and put gown on me and now the ER physician tells me it will probably be another 2 hours before x-Ray and lab results.
I have dealt with all of these people and everyone keeps asking me the same questions and they get the same answers.
I have attempted to give every healthcare provider a mini-version of my health on paper. Not a single one of them has looked at it. …
Until the government quits cutting reimbursement thus limiting staff, we will continue to have the dysfunction that we are experiencing. …


“Almost six hours later, “everything we checked is normal”.
“You need to be in a tertiary center, such as Emory or Mayo.”

“I cannot take it anymore. Everything they checked today in almost seven hours yielded no answers. The ER physician told me that with all I had going on that I needed a team of doctors at Emory or Mayo.
I will email my Nurse Practitioner and Neurologist at Emory tonight.  — Mayo does not accept Medicare unless you live in Rochester.”


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