Poem 1969 June

Poem about priorities,
written by Dad for my 6th grade autograph book.
Never added to my autograph book,
because it never got past “draft” form written on the back of that night’s “hickey”
(with specifications for which boxcars were to be moved to where during graveyard shift):

A poem for my Belinda’s book
she brings me so much cheer
with notes for her to think about
with every passing year.

For as you grow to womanhood
temptations will arise,
and when they do,
in order to
do right,
you must be wise.

First you must consider God;
it’s him first you must please,
then country, family,
… last yourself;
consider all of these.

I realize it’s no small job,
it may be hard, it’s true.
But i know you can do it
because i have faith in you.

— Dad (RaMon Petrin)

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