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“PWD Perspective” Contributions from other Persons With Dementia (PWD): Jean Lyon,

with Posterior Cortical Atrophy (rare variant of Alzheimer’s Dementia).

Jean’s last posting was 2015.


March 5, 2018

Three years ago,
seems like a lifetime,

garden is still evolving mainly to suit my decrepitude physically.
Mainly from other diseases

but grateful I can still get out in my garden
still plot and plan. …

Good to see the sun a little today
and seeing our little Jenny wren always cheers me up.

In the morning
before I open the curtains
I can hear the starlings rattling the feeder on my window,
they are just so greedy,
but I still made sure sure there was food for them when it was so cold.

I still have the bulbs I got …
many have already flowered,

I can no longer remember where i was going to put them!!

Hopefully I will wake up enough too remember soon


March 7, 2018

… Sun now and then
back door open,
birds singing,
Olly has stopped chasing in and out and barking …!

So annoyed with myself,
sorted out an on line TV guide that was easy for me too read and a fraction of the cost of (the guide that) I used too get!

But like so many things that I think
oh will join that!
I now have no idea re the e mail addy let alone pass word!
Quite possible I have made a mistake re e mail and or password.

Get so frustrated ¥${€§>}€*

Some where on my IPad there must be a cemetery for items I know longer am able to access!

Son is coming over tomorrow …
I worry more when I don’t hear from him …

(With my) PCA
for now I am retaining much of my memory otherwise
than what I did or said minutes or a few hours ago.
Will be good to see him


March 9, 2018

Was good to see son yesterday …

A bit chilly
but nice too look round the garden today,
son brought me a lovely basket planted up with spring flowers
and I just found a container of bulbs about to flower in my garden.

… supposed to be nice and a bit warmer tomorrow,
so have a ride into town on my buggy

or start shifting containers round?

… Doesn’t take much too make me happy

March 12, 2018

Summerhouse has gone now.
In middle of a revamp of garden
when I can get out there!

Need to wait until I can identify what each container has in it!

I may not remember name,but will recognise old favourites …

Joy often helps with names.  ((smile)).

March 19, 2018

Woke up today with an ‘on the outside looking in’ kind of day.
That’s the only way I know how to describe it!

I know where I am,but don’t feel part of it!

Joy put our bin (things) can’t think of the name
together as they were delivered this morning and also hosed down the last of the snow and ice,
hope that is the last of it for this year.

There is something on the ground down the garden,but I can’t make out what it is,
don’t feel up to investigating, sure Joy will know when she brings Olly down

…  it only used to happen when we were out,
but now happens at home,
not too often at the moment,
but these things,feelings are part and parcel of the disease

unfortunately those of us who can describe them are few and far between.

Find myself using phrases that my Nan would have used!


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