Dementia, Death, and Dying

Tru here. Joseph Curl’s editorial in Washington Times of Sunday, July 20, 2014 is titled, “The politics of death and dying” and discusses the issue of dementia. My response, posted July 30, 2014, is below: Like many other dementia patients (those of us still able to read and write), I am offended by the […]

Service User

Tru here. Discussion of terminology for care is a hot-topic all the way around. These are my personal thoughts regarding the term “service user”: In my experience the problem is not the impersonal nature of the term “service user”, but rather the consuming nature of the term. We are the “user”, “consumer”, etc. Our care […]

Desperate with Dementia

Tru here. I have a couple dementia friends feeling desperately helpless, desperately scared, and unwilling to impose this life onto their loved ones who are willing to be their “care-givers”.  Maybe you are feeling desperate too.  Some have said they rely on my positive “sunshine” and I have a message to you: My “sunshine” is […]

Please Further Investigate Dementia “News”

Tru here.  I have dementia. My productive time and energy is becoming progressively limited. As a dementia patient I must prioritize my activities. I am not feeling sorry for myself — I am being pro-active. My abilities are dwindling because my brain is dying. How much of the important things can I fit into my […]

Nocturnal Leg/Foot Spasms

Tru here.  Nocturnal Leg/Foot Spasms (probably related to Lewy Body Dementia and Parkinson’s) Here it comes again; not childbirth labor, but very similar contractions. Here it comes again. Wake up! Wake up! Tension increasing. Foot tightening. Foot twisting until inside of foot is straight up-and-down. Quick! Get foot FLAT and maybe it will improve! Tension increasing. […]

2011-11/15 Maybe I will write a book

Tru here. THOUGHTS: Where is my legacy? What true difference have I made in the world? … Did my ancestors feel this deep sense of failure? WHAT is my legacy? From my parents and grandparents I inherited the values of unswerving honesty and deep kindness; … transparent loving-kindness, always while giving the glory to our […]