Desperate with Dementia

Tru here.

I have a couple dementia friends feeling desperately helpless, desperately scared, and unwilling to impose this life onto their loved ones who are willing to be their “care-givers”.  Maybe you are feeling desperate too.  Some have said they rely on my positive “sunshine” and I have a message to you:

My “sunshine” is a REFLECTION from our maker. The real sunshine in your life is that DIVINE Truthful Loving Kindness; the Love that intimately knows every cell of your body and every small portion of every thought you hold for a fraction of a moment. You are so very VERY loved that I think you would regret ending your life now. No one can make that decision for you, but you need to make an intensive search for your Creator FIRST!!

Like I implied in my July 2014 article “My Faith and My Dementia”, I believe that dementia interferes with almost every OTHER function in life, but it does NOT interfere with our search for the Divine. Instead I think we are somehow even closer to that ephemeral consciousness … if we are only open and willing.

Search first, then decide.
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