Hard Times

Tru here. With recent death in the family, poor-to-hazardous air quality for all family members, and some other serious health concerns, my focus is spotty-at-best right now. So, for a while, mostly will share projects that are almost finished, or not quite as helpful as i would like (but no time and concentration to make […]

New in Apr

Tru here. Remember that LINK is not in picture, but at text below the picture ! New Pages in my website are: Others: “Why Cant You Hear Me” by Norrms at  https://truthfulkindness.com/index-persons-with-dementia-pwd/norman-mcnamara/hear-me/ . . Crafts: “Emoji Me” at https://truthfulkindness.com/about/life-other/arts-crafts/emoji-me/ . FamHist: Uncle Gillies at Culloden >> https://truthfulkindness.com/about/life-other/family-history-index/gillies-culloden/ . — *** — .*. . .*. . […]