June Pages

.Tru here …  Extra challenges this month, so only two extra “pages” added on my website this month (in addition to my weekly Blog Entries).

 !!  Remember, Links are in colored text, not the pictures  !!

Right-click on colored text and selecting “open in new tab”,
will allow you to return to this tab easily (at top of window) when you finish.
Remember, Links are in colored text, NOT the pictures.


Scott Drevs writes about communication difficulties at https://truthfulkindness.com/index-persons-with-dementia-pwd/scott-drevs/written-vs-spoken-communication/

Floor as Family Art Project at >> https://truthfulkindness.com/bnp/part-3/bnp-3d-2012-u/floor-family-art/ ;

“June Blsm” picture by Truthful Kindness to look like embroidery. Spent 9 hours on outline then Finished with 8 additional hours on 28Jun2021.


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