Can’t Hear Myself Think

Tru here on 30Jun2021.

Crying this morning. 

Thought there was no reason for my tears,
but then i realized the tinnitus (ringing in my ears) was so loud i could not hear myself think.


i grew up near Multnomah Falls, and the Lodge restaurant was my first “real” job. 
This noise in my head sounds like the roar of a large waterfall;
the confusion overwhelms every other awareness.

My strategy tools of speaking out loud, reminding myself what task i am trying to do, or what i am trying to find … don’t work.


Not all folks with dementia symptoms have tinnitus or other types of auditory hallucinations, but i think it is more prevalent in that population.

Tinnitus has been a problem for me since early in the process of cognitive decline (2004). 
It has been discussed with my doctor and i have done plenty of research.  including a link at bottom of this article. 

No; ear plugs do not help since the source of sound is damage inside the brain. 
Ear plugs just make the sound appear even LOUDER !!!

It is a comfort to remember that some days are just really LOUD, and other days are more manageable. 
— Gotta keep things in perspective 


Thinking Aloud >>

More info about Tinnitus at >> ;

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