My Philosophy on Group Relationship

I frequently mention how life is like a balance beam scale, and i see group dynamics in much the same way.


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Right-click on colored text and selecting “open in new tab”, will allow you to return to this tab easily (at top of window) when you finish. Remember, Links are on colored text, not the pictures.   I will continue sharing from other PLwD, but with increase of symptoms, can no longer invest time and energy […]

Suggestions4 Restless Legs

Tru here. Been asked for suggestions re restless legs as Lewy Body Dementia symptom.  So posting this in addition to preparing my usual “Truthful Tuesday” entry. Symptom of Restless Legs is something i know well. Had problem since young age, as symptomof FibroMyalgia which i inherited. Check for side-effect of new medication  (mine was extremely […]