Film Review for “Alzheimer’s: Every Minute Counts”

I appreciate the efforts to highlight need of funding BUT they need to compensate now by providing equally impressive film on possibilities for quality of life after diagnosis.


Is “Best” of Person With Dementia (PWD) GONE ?

I do not feel that the “best” of my grandmother was gone in her later stages. Her context was gone. The ability to delay gratification was gone. The ability to even know what she wanted or who she was … was gone. But her visceral response to life was NOT gone. Having my grandmother as a Dementia Mentor (even if only in my memory), has been a tremendous source of hope and example. In my final days I hope the same can be said of me.

Hold My Hand ‘n Anchor Me

Now that I have experienced the fragmenting effects of dementia symptoms for myself, I have discovered the GROUNDING and steadying effect from physical touch in that unsteady, fragile, edge-of-the-cliff world. I very much wish I had known this when my maternal grandmothers were walking this path. … (prose attached)

Hold My Hand

Tru here. Hold My Hand and ANCHOR ME Maybe I am drifting, … or maybe connecting and connected to a great mass. … I don’t know. Maybe … instead of a being of objectivity, analyzing what I observe, I am somehow becoming intimately connected with it; … no longer the observer but instead a tiny […]

Nocturnal Leg/Foot Cramps

Tru here.  Nocturnal Leg/Foot Cramps (probably related to Lewy Body Dementia and Parkinson’s) Here it comes again; not childbirth labor, but very similar contractions. Here it comes again. Wake up! Wake up! Tension increasing. Leg tightening. Foot turning. Quick! Stretch heel DOWN before it gets worse! Tension increasing. Leg twisting. Toes curling. Quick! Stretch toes UP […]


I don’t know how dementia can be a blessing, but I believe that for ME it is. I have done enough research on it that I understand it is not a purely enjoyable condition, but I know the giver. … Yes; somehow this condition is not a condemnation but a gift. And I anticipate the blessings it will give my life, as well as the cost.