Hold My Hand ‘n Anchor Me

819 Hands Anchor Me 6in

Tru here.
Now that I have experienced the fragmenting effects of dementia symptoms for myself,
I have discovered the GROUNDING and steadying effect from physical touch
in that unsteady, fragile, edge-of-the-cliff world.
I very much wish I had understood this when my maternal grandMother and Great-grandMother were walking this path.


Hold My Hand and ANCHOR ME

Maybe I am drifting,
… or maybe connecting and connected to a great mass.

… I don’t know.

Maybe …
instead of a being of objectivity, analyzing what I observe,
I am somehow becoming intimately connected with it;

… no longer the observer
but instead a tiny part
of what OTHERS observe and quantify and analyze.

Maybe I am not going AWAY from life,
and instead I am BECOMING life.

. . .
my husband,
I would like to spend a moment
connected to you instead,
so please hold my hand
and ANCHOR me.

… Please.

13 Sep 2012

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