Floating Words

Problems understanding spoken sentences (verbal comprehension):

Floating Words

Words float around and past me.

sometimes they splash against my body.

i hear them spoken.
i understand each word.

I reach for them,
but mostly they just float around me without joining;
without coalescing into concepts that i can grab, hold, and understand.

Sometimes i am able to grab a passing thought and hold it;
finally understanding,
responding to the speaker and building relationship …
… but then it is gone again.

Words float around and past me.

Sometimes i feel alone
… and require visuals or TOUCH.
—  © Truthful Kindness
2018 Dec 11


“Hold My Hand to ANCHOR me” is another piece of prose, at this Link >> https://truthfulkindness.com/2014/11/07/hold-hand-anchor-me/


During 2018, this has gone from a rare occurance … to part of my “new normal”.
First experiences were very scary !!!  They can also build huge relationship misunderstandings;
It is not that i am purposely “checking out” from conversation, i just cannot understand what is said.

Not just myself, but everyone in the relationship needs to:
Grieve the partial loss of another ability; another tool in our relationship toolbox.  Accept that partial loss.  Then strategize to make the best of remaining abilities for rich relationships as long as possible.

At this point,
1) give me some time and verbal comprehension may click back into place.
2) My visual processing is still good right now (even if reading comprehension is not), so try graphs, charts, and pictures of what you are talking about.
3) If not, i probably need a nap, because trying to understand words into concepts is a lot of work for me now.

Dec 2018, my guess is that 25-30% of my social time is spent with little understanding of concepts spoken.  It is just disconnected words.  Mostly i “read” tone of voice and face/body expression.  Sometimes i just sit in video chat, watching everyone, and just BE with them even if i do not understand what is said.  In those cases, it is embarrassing when asked a question, because i had been unable to follow the prior conversation, and now it will be obvious.
It is not that i don’t care, i am simply losing that ability.

Sometimes written is better (partially because i can read it over and over again) … and sometimes it is not.

♦  Everything changes  ♦


Very thankful that i can still compose written concepts — even if i may not understand what i wrote, LOL.

Summary: Written comprehension has been compromised for years, but now verbal comprehension disabilities are a quickly-increasing part of my “new normal”.
Communication input is becoming strongly compromised, but written output of communication is still mostly intact, and i very much rely on that tool.
Family and others need to begin reading what 
i write, if they wish to retain close relationship.

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14 thoughts on “Floating Words

  1. So beautifully written. Much love. Happy New Year and may you continue your valiant efforts, appreciating the value of each victory even if they seem s all in the bigger scheme. A victory is still a victory!!
    Ellie and Gord🎀💐



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  2. Thank you so much for writing this. My husband is experiencing the same thing. Lately it has been very difficult for him to follow the gist of a conversation. I read him your blog and I think it’s helpful for him to know that he’s not the only one.


  3. I can totally relate to what you describe Tru. It’s both frustrating and embarrassing. I know that people think that I just switch off, whilst all the time I am working hard to follow the conversation. It’s easier to speak than listen, as I can still form sentences that make sense and I know what the conversation is about at that point.

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  4. I LOVE THIS, Tru!!! Beautiful.


    On Mon, Dec 31, 2018 at 4:34 PM Truthful Loving Kindness wrote:

    > truthfulkindness posted: ” Problems understanding spoken sentences (verbal > comprehension): Floating Words Words float around and past me. sometimes > they splash against my body. i hear them spoken. i understand each word. I > reach for them, but mostly they just float aroun” >

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