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Have written on this topic several times, because every year my symptoms are more severe, and past few years my understanding of spoken words is where i am slipping most. .

i now attend very few video chats with my friends, because even with the assistance of watching lips,
i understand very little of the conversation. .

My hearing itself has not changed, but Lately when i am in conversation,
i hear one large collection of sounds, instead of individual words in a sentence.
and i think i am missing most of the consonants.

Instead of hearing “how was your night”,
i hear “ow uz unight?”,
or even “owuzu Might?”
… which makes it very difficult to understand and reply.

This problem is compounded by the fact that i still speak at a quicker pace than what i am able to process sounds from others. 
(Just as i type and write much better than my ability to understand written words and sentences,
whether i wrote them, or someone else did.)


… the only tips (other than my previous suggestions, in Links below) are:

i will try to speak at a slower pace, modeling the rate i wish others would speak. 
i will try to clearly separate words,
enunciate consonants very clearly, and
give extra time between words and after sentences.
Especially allow extra time between change of topic. 
in the same way that i am hoping that YOU, (the other person in my conversation) will also do those things.
Everything else i can think of is already written in my prior strategies below.

Better understanding of the SYMPTOM is here with
Floating Words” >> , and here with
No Meaning for Words” >> .

Past pieces i have written on Verbal Comprehension STRATEGY are here >> and here >> ;

.. ..

.*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*.

i am attending few Zoom groups right now.

Calendars will eventually be removed to prevent over-Loading the upLoad limit for website “Media Library”, because they actually take quite a bit of mb.


Disclaimer that i misunderstand things and make mistakes too, so there might be mistakes in Calendar. — *** —


.*. . .*. . .*. SCHEDULE: .*. . .*. . .*.

DAILY at DM (Dementia Mentors): we host more than 40 virtual memory cafes each month. These are “member-only” gatherings for those living with dementia (every day except Sundays for persons living with some form of dementia — and also twice-monthly for Partners on Sundays). More info here >> .

To be part of Dementia Mentors’ video chats, membership form is at >> .

Video “tour” is at >>

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These are OTHER events i know of during this week:

.*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*.

19 Oct, Mon: Dementia Mentors’ (members only) SMALLEST gathering is currently Monday afternoons (so am highlighting it here on my blog).  10am Hawaai, 1pm Pacific Time, 2pm Mtn, 3pm Central, 4pm Eastern, 9pm UK, and 10pm South Africa. Membership form is at >> .

.*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*.

20 Oct, Tues; FTD Patient Support Group on Tuesdays, (members only): If you have a firm diagnosis of Fronto-Temporal Degeneration and would like to join the FTD Patient Support group, please contact The group also has a video Zoom meeting every Tuesday; 10am Pacific time, 11am Mountain time, 12 noon Central, and 1pm Eastern time.  Members-only. .

.*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*.

20 Oct, Tues; DAA Drop-in with Dr Susan on Tuesdays:  While COVID-19 is impacting everyday life, please join us at the Dementia Action Alliance for an online discussion with Susan Wehry, MD Tuesdays  at  ((1pm Pacific Time, 2pm Mtn, 3pm Central, 4pm Eastern, 9pm UK, and 10pm South Africa)).

.*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*.

21 Oct, Wed: LBD Living with Lewy (members-only): Membership is limited to those diagnosed with Lewy body dementia. These video Zoom gatherings are part of the “Living with Lewy” FaceBook support group, so you must be on FaceBook and a member of that specific FaceBook group.  Members-only. .

.*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*.

21 Oct, Wed: Dementia Mentors’ (members only) are offered Wednesday-night guided meditation series.  (( 6pm Pacific Time, 7pm Mtn, 8pm Central, 9pm Eastern, 2am UK )). Members-only.  >> .

.*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*.

22 Oct, Thursday: DAA Discussion topic …. Zoom video chat begins 7am Hawaii, 10am Pacific Time, 11am Mtn, Noon Central, 1pm Eastern time. 6pm London, 8pm South Africa. Link to join is at this page >> .

.*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*.

23 Oct, Friday: DAA Faith Hope and Love; using spirituality through challenging times.  Fridays at  ((  NEW TIME: 10am Pacific Time, 11am Mtn, 12 Noon Central, 1pm EASTERN time, 6pm UK, and 7pm South Africa )).

.*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*.

Mark Your Calendars for future events:

.*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*.

27 Oct, Tuesday, is next Dementia Chats with Lori LaBey. (4th Tuesday).  This monthly recorded TEACHING series involving persons with dementia as experts in Lived Experience. Let me know if YOU would like to participate >> .  ((4th Tuesday of each month, 7:30am until 9am Pacific Time, 8:30 until 10am Mtn, 9:30am until 11am Central, 10:30am until 12 noon Eastern, 3:30pm until 5pm UK time , and 4:30pm until 6pm South Africa)).

.*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*.

5 Nov, Thurs: Dementia Mentors’ Christians (members only) are offered “Christian” gathering on 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month.  This is non-denominational Christian group for fellowship and prayer.  (( 9am Pacific Time, 10 Mtn, 11 Central, 12 noon Eastern, 5pm UK, and 6pm South Africa)).  Members-only.  >> .

.*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*.

18 Nov, Wednesday, Teepa Snow has “Lets Talk” video chat with Persons Living with Dementia.   (( 10am Pacific Time, 11am Mtn, 12 noon Central, 1pm Eastern, 6pm UK, and 7pm South Africa )). at .

.*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*.


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  1. TRU- I am sincerely sorry for the difficulties you are now experiencing.  I know you will do the best you can to compensate.  Please let us know how we can be more helpful in this regard – maybe type things in chat so you can read them, etc. I know that our team will support you to the best of our ability as time passes. Take care, Paulan

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