No Meaning for Words

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The waitress spoke;  “Thank you, Ma’am.  Do you want french-fries, hash browns, or onion rings to go with your meal?”  … But I could not bring up memory concept for any option but onion rings, and that was just round crunchy things that I knew I could not have.  The other words had no meaning.

Newest challenge is lack of word recognition when spoken.  Words flow over me and around me, but I do not recognize them.  In conversation, or giving selection at restaurant, I recognize the word with sensation of deja-vu, knowing that I should have a concept to go with the word, but no picture, flavor, or memory appears to match the word.  Need to bring pictures  when ordering from menu, for times when I cannot recognize some of the basic food words.  I discover that when this happens too much in conversation, I just kind-of check out.



Tru here.  FINDING words has been a problem for a long time.  Lack of reading comprehension has been a problem for a long time.  But not having a memory concept for familiar words is a new challenge.  Twice this week, husband needed to show me what french-fries were, and the other options to go with meal.  He used pictures on the menu.

Prior to this week, Most of my word recognition problems in conversation have been related to speed, accent, and delivery of words spoken.  And I don’t think this is a common problem amongst my friends, so it has me stumped.  Now I am discovering that even if the word is spoken slowly, with pauses to let my brain catch up, I am still not remembering meaning for familiar words spoken by my friends and family.  I think it has been happening for a while, but only realizing it now that it is getting worse.  In conversation, words flow over me and around me, but I am unable to find any concept to match the words, lose the train of thought … and drift away.

The words are familiar and I know I should have a concept to go with them, but nothing is coming … and the person just keeps talking and I am left further behind.  Hoping they will say something that I can again catch a thread for what we are talking about, I will usually desperately continue to listen for a while.  And yes; there is the gathering sensation of desperation.  If this is a close friend, and a private conversation, then after short while I will say something like, “I have no idea what we are talking about, can we try again?”  If that doesn’t work I will say, “I am not getting this topic, we need to talk about something else.”  If there are more than 2 or 3 people involved, then I think desperation gives way to despair … and I just mentally check out.


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7 thoughts on “No Meaning for Words

  1. back when I had my strokes (all mild) I woke up one nite about 2am and looked at my clock – digital- there were 3 digits but I had no idea what they meant. it went on like this for about 1/2 hour until the idea of time came back. I then fell asleep and woke up a couple hours later and had the same problem but it resolved itself in ~5 minutes.
    and so tru I can sense the frustration that you are experiencing and your problem is not resolving itself.

    I can only say that I value your posts since there is some chance that I will be where you are and it will be good to know you were there before.

    kind regards,


  2. It is good to hear from you Tru. I can relate! I am in a coversation and all at once I can’t remember what we are talking about. It is scary for me!! Ive got a blank. This is something new. Yuck!! I get very tired and depressed.beside scared!! My spelling is getting bad to Or I can’t remember what I was goig to say!! So I am very glad you posted. Take care, Linda On Sep 6, 2016 7:40 PM, “Truthful Loving Kindness” wrote:

    > truthfulkindness posted: ” The waitress spoke; “Thank you, Ma’am. Do you > want french-fries, hash browns, or onion rings to go with your meal?” … > But I could not bring up memory concept for any option but onion rings, and > that was just round crunchy things that I knew I cou” >


  3. Hi Tru. Very interesting blog which people should read so they understand a little more about communication and word recognition. Regarding tuning out, I do this in larger noisy groups, family dinners, etc.and there are now times when faced with a question I go blank for a long time while I put together the meaning and possible responses, then a choice. My wife finds this hard as she thinks I’m just not interested and have deliberately switched off.
    Keep going!


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