POW died 280yrs ago

6th great-grandfather was Swedish soldier Jon Engelbrektsson “Skata” 1695-1741..


Per wife’s death document, Jon died in Russian captivity after Russians vanquished the Swedes in a battle at Wilmanstrand (aka Villmanstrand) on August 23, 1741; Wilmanstrand then belonged to Russia from 1741 to 1811.

From Ore Parish Sweden Household reports, Jon’s birthdate (or baptism date) was 22Dec1695, and shows he was a soldier.  But his military data shows born 22May1695.  In Dalarna i have never seen more than a few weeks between birth date and baptism date, so i don’t think that is the answer.  Quite a lot of difference between 5th month and 12th month, in the way the letters look on a page, so why are the dates different ?

According to PDF in gallery of DalRegiment Orsa Co. Registry, Dala Regiment, Orsa Company, Skattungbyn unit;
Jon Skata (Ingelbrektsson) was born in Särna 22May1695,
home= Dalbyn, Croft name = Skata/Stor,
Listed as dead 23Aug1741 in Willmanstrand.
Enlisted 12Dec1719, Discharge date is listed same as death date = 23Aug1741.

According to Parish records, Jon was just UNDER 24 years old when he enlisted, but according to the regimental records he was PAST his 24th birthday.  i wonder why the discrepancy ??

Cause of death = “stupad” during Russian captivity in Willmanstrand. ((Swedish words for Lost, Drop, and Foundered are all used in sentence, so i am GUESSING he was taken as prisoner of war 23Aug1741, when the Russians vanquished the Swedes in a battle at Wilmanstrand on August 23, 1741 and Jon was listed as dead because he was taken captive, but death date is truly unknown.))
This was a battle with 10,000 Russian soldiers against less than 5,000 Swedish soldiers.  3,300 were killed or wounded, and another 1,300 were taken prisoner (including the General in charge).

DalRegiment Orsa Co. Registry Lists parents as Engelbrekt Eriksson and Karin Jönsdotter.  In 1717 married Ella Karsdotter, who was born and died in Dalbyn 24Jun1692-08Jan1772. She died of pneumonia.  The marriage data matches what is found in Ore Parish Households, but makes him appear to be seven months older than his actual age.

Adding years to age on military documents is not unusual in records i have seen in America, but this is the first time i have seen it documented in my Swedish ancestors.

DalRegiment Orsa Co. Registry Lists children as Olof b.07Aug1718, Karin b.08Aug1720, Karl b.03Feb1723, Margareta b.19May1725, and Jon b.19Sep1730 — all born in Dalbyn.  These also match data found in Ore Parish Households.

Musters at Gävle (Gävleborg Co.) 12Sep1720, 30Sep1721, Rättvik (Dalarna Co.)26Sep1728, Stora Tuna 19May1735



Jon Engelbrektsson Skata 1695-1741
6th great-grandfather (id# pdg-GDD.caaa!09)
Knuter Olof Jonsson 1718-1772
Son of Jon Engelbrektsson Skata
Brita Olsdotter 1758-1824
Daughter of Knuter Olof Jonsson
Corporal Eric Andersson Glad 1786-1849
Son of Brita Olsdotter
(Great-Great-Grandmother) Brita Ersdotter Glad 1825-1917
Daughter of Corporal Eric Andersson Glad
(Great-Grandmother) Kerstin Danielsdotter 1863-1935
Daughter of Brita Ersdotter Glad
(Paternal Grandfather) Emil Leland Petrin Hansson 1890-1972
Son of Kerstin Danielsdotter



Slightly more info on Battle of Villmanstrand at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Villmanstrand and https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/926827/battle-of-willmanstrand-1741 .

Dalarna Regiment on Wiki at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dalarna_Regiment .


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