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Contributions from other Persons With Dementia symptoms: Robert Bowles 

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Robert’s Dementia Legacy Links for dementia Advocacy (with over 200 Links INCLUDING the ones listed on this page) at >> .

Robert’s “Dementia Success Story” is here;

2014 (excerpts from FaceBook page) at ;


With Robert’s permission, these pages were taken from Robert’s website LBD Living Beyond Diagnosis, in case it was decommissioned. While his website was available i did not focus on gathering a graphic for each of these Links, and truly finishing them.  Now i am trying to finish and add to them — on the installment plan.  Most recently finished are on top.


“Ministering to Persons Living with Dementia” (13Dec2015) at >> ;


Bowles’ Prayer Request in ER (2015Mar04) at >> ;


“The Day I Lost It” (2018Apr15) at >> . (posted to my WebSpace on 05Jan2023).


Visit My World (2015Jan27) ;


Sizzled Brain (2015Jan29) at >> ;


Emotional State (2015Jan30) at >> ;

ASAP (2015Jan31) at >> ;

Train of Thought (2015Feb01) at >> ;

Medication Sensitivity (2015Feb04) at >> ;

Physicians & Dementia (2015Feb08) at >> ;

Visit Facility (2015Feb24) at >> ;


Visual Hallucinations (2015Feb25) ; (added to this WebSpace on 03Jan2023).


PWD Communication with Physician (2015Feb26) at >> ;

Week at Glance (2015Feb28) at >> ;

How Can I (2015Mar01) at >> ;

Six Brain Changes (2015Mar12) at >> ;

Emergency Room & LBD (2015Apr12) at >> ;

LBD – Unpredictable on 23Apr2015 at >> ;

Astounding Lewy on 27Apr2015 at >> ;

Unpredictably Changing (2015May04) at >> ;

ShowTime With Lewy (2015Jun15) at >> ;

Accepting Diagnosis of Dementia (2015Jun17) at >> ;

Beyond Diagnosis with Faith & Purpose (2015Jul04) at >> ;

Driving More Than Memory (2015Aug10) at >> ;

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