Index- Other Contributions

ontributions from other Persons With Dementia Symptoms:

Lost ability to continue putting it together, so Dementia Symptom Perspectives NewsLetter has  dissolved (except for FaceBook page).
so i guess this is my own  contribution of efforts toward sharing a wider perspective of those with dementia. 

These are index pages for each contributor.  Many pages attached to some, and only one page attached on others.
Right-click on colored text and selecting “open in new tab”, will allow you to return to this tab easily when you finish.
Remember, Links are on colored text, not the pictures.

Anonymous at >>

Andrew Garvey at >>

Barry Pankhurst >>

Cecil Ristow >>

CJ Jaggers >>

Curry Whisenhunt >>

David Kramer >>

Debbi Haughey >>

Debbie Lawhorn >>


Dena Dotson >>


Dianne White >>

DonnaLynn Morin >>

Garry George Wilkes >>

Gayle Harris >>


Gerald S Publicover >>


Gord Settle >>

Harry Urban >>

Helga Rohra >>

Janet Pitts >>

Janice Crich >>

Jean Lyon >>

Jennifer Bute >>


Jim Pfefferkorn >>


Judy Rogers Brinkley >>

.Karen Francis >>


Kathleen Anduze >>

Keith E. Oliver >>

Kerry Kleinbergen >>

Ken Howard >>

Kevin Smiley >>

Lauren U >>

Laurie Scherrer >>

LaVerne Belles >>

Linda Pendergrass >>

Lori Michaud >>

Marion James >>


Mary Radnofsky >>

.Matthew Oliver >>


Max McCormick (Dx now Functional Neurological Disorder) >>

Michael Ellenbogen >>

Michael Stempora >>

Michael Woods >>

Mike Matherly >>

Myrna Norman >>

Norman McNamara >>

Pamela Gray >>

Paulan Gordon >>

Phyllis Cruden-Fehr >>

Robert Bowles >>


Ron Coleman >>


Scott Drevs >>

Sherry Stunes >>

Susan Milo Maroulis >>

Susan Suchan >>


Terri Gadal >>


Tommy Dunne >>


ValerieBlumenthal >>

Vicki Atkinson >>

Zel Caddey >>


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