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3 thoughts on “Pages added 2018 Feb

  1. Dementia Nights

    When the river of the night continue`s to flow,
    Where blackened clouds swirl to and fro,
    Darkness reigns all around,
    The silence falls without a sound
    Images race in front of your eyes,
    Of times gone past with a million cries,
    Distorted figures attack from all sides,
    Your sanity does its best to hide,
    But still they come, never-ending,
    Anguish looms, with a tearful ending,
    Nowhere to hide, nowhere to run,
    Begging for the morning sun,
    Screaming out in total fear,
    No one to help, no one to hear,
    You yell for help but to no avail,
    Sweating palms, face so pale,
    Why me? You ask, time and again
    Please let me sleep, just now and then,
    But sleep just seems a distant past,
    Dementia`s here, that shadows cast.

    Cc Norrms Mc Namara
    Diagnosed with dementia
    (trying to explain my nights the only way I can)

    Please share

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  2. Regarding your post on your medications for treating dementia and its symptoms; While you are careful to say that it’s your personal regimen, the information you provide is incorrect and the presentation of the information is inappropriate.

    There are people diagnosed with dementia whose ability to make good decisions is impaired. Furthermore, there are personalities in the dementia world who are looking for a ‘magic bullet’ cure and will latch on to anyone’s shared information and take it on as their own, convinced (without doing their own research) they are following an established medical protocol just because you tout yourself as a “Dementia Mentor”, but in reality, have absolutely NO formal education in the topic and a sketchy dementia diagnosis at best.

    Simply putting a caveat in a blog post stating this is your personal information and everyone should follow their doctor’s direction is insufficient warning to those with impaired decision-making skills. Particularly when you seem to not to be following your own advice; you do not mention having cleared your dosage changes with your neurologist, only your pharmacist and your “niece who works for a neurologist”. Exactly how are either of these 2 individuals qualified to give guidance on dementia treatment?

    You seem to indicate that Ambien was/is being used in your case to provide a ‘cognitive boost’ and treat your dementia symptoms. That is completely incorrect. Ambien is a sleep medication, not a treatment for dementia or it’s symptoms. You also provide the dosage amounts and time of day you take them. Ambien is never indicated for use in daytime hours and in fact, is contraindicated for those with dementia.

    Ambien is a powerful drug and is controlled by the FDA for a reason. Sharing your dosage amounts, your personalized regimen (apparently self-determined and unreported to your neurologist) and intimating that it is acceptable for treatment of dementia/symptoms on a public blog is unbelievably careless and inappropriate.

    In the 4-5 years you’ve been in the dementia circles, not once have you provided a credible, verifiable diagnosis of dementia or confirmation that your symptoms are caused by dementia. You come up with all these vague illnesses/diseases/symptoms and self- diagnosis for dementia and you talk a good game. You continually blather on about yourself, ingratiate yourself as a “mentor”, and lesser educated, impaired people tend to take your ‘dementia symptom diagnosis’ at face value, again, without asking questions about your diagnostic path and whether or not it meets the criteria of mainstream medicine’s protocol for determining dementia. This does not serve anyone well. This blog post needs to be removed before someone is harmed.


    • Thank you for your correction Ellie. I incorrectly put Ambien -which was a medication i took 20yrs ago. Aricept is the medication i take now. Yes; neurologist prescribed and neurologist increases dosage when needed.

      Your comments are usually very accusatory and i usually see no need to approve them – but this particular comment was helpful in that i realized and corrected error. I will not even bother addressing your standard accusations tho. If i thought there was hope for helpful relationship between the two of us i would invest the time and energy in addressing your comments, but past interactions have shown that would be stressful and not productive. THANK you for catching my error in names.


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