PWD Cecil Ristow November 2015 NY Resolution

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What’s in Your New Year’s Resolution?

Old Fashioned? Not Important? What’s that? Wherever you are with it, I think it’s resurrection might be a saving Grace. Whether it takes form in goal planning, personal growth or something more concrete, making one is more beneficial than not.

I started small. I will stop biting my fingernails (age 6). It worked (age 35) ! I will stop being mean to my sisters (age 12). Well, it should be realistic. In the beginning God created Adam and Eve from his rib then things kind of drop off into the begettings then something about Cain and Abel Ruth and Esther and why the confusion continues to present day is anybody’s guess. Women are supposed to have a sense of “Solidarity” and Men are supposed to be “Kind” to their brothers. Seems to be temperature driven the colder it gets the more peaceful we are.

Cromwell finally got Parliament and the Crown fixed but it took a mini Ice Age and near starvation of a country to do it. Sort of the same thing with WW II and the collapse of the Russian Front. Only that was the near starvation of several countries! I am not digressing here as we are entering into yet another crossroads. Where the security of the world depends on individual resolutions. Preferably ones that are healthy and maybe we can avoid starvation of over half the world in the process!

I decided to just see to my neighborhood. 10 Blocks . We had a ‘Block Party’ and had a lot of fun. That is where we noticed our Diversity. That is where we celebrated how happy we were to be living in our neighborhood. I live in the furthest most corner of the North American Continent and we have Blacks, Whites, Jews, Arabs, Hindus, Asians and Native Americans all living in close proximity doing great. We have a common core value of Family Friends and Fraternity as the natural terrain features saddle us away from the rest of the township. Which only has one traffic light.

One year I took on the idea of keeping a Serendipity Jar. In it I write a piece of paper of something that saved me money, windfalls, gifts, listing the full values of special purchases well under market values, and Savings on labor by doing jobs myself. I was shocked on New Years’ Eve when I added it all up as secret and not taxable income 🙂

This year I am taking full advantage of all my Talents and not even asking but making individual clothing items to give to people and just hand them out. Hi, have a pair of mittens, a scarf a tie a hat a headband and a personal monogrammed individual nose mitten for those extra cold winters 🙂

So, What’s in your Resolution ?

   Sincerely Cecil

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