Back on Track

.  Contributed from Theresa (aka Terry or Terrie) Montgomery, living with mixed dementia:

Another Day!
Oh my! We are starting this day with positive thoughts and building up a whole lot of energy inside of us right now!
By kicking out all negative stuff that we may have experienced on yesterday or we may feel a little bit blah about ALL the deadlines we have to meet today or trying to figure out the holiday planning or (Fill in the blank).
let’s get back on track by living 1 second at a time.
BUNK the to do list.
Embrace and enjoy one minute at a time and live the next one.
Relax and try to grab the beauty of this day.
The Joy of seeing today
and more importantly the opportunity that we can actually be glad that we know our name today.
So many of us don’t.
Hot Diggity, so glad to see another BEAUTIFUL day! Don’t waste it!


These remarks were at Terry’s FaceBook page on 06Dec2022, and shared with permission; .


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