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Contributions from other Persons Living with Dementia symptoms:  KimJoy Ovard,

with PPA-type of Fronto-Temporal Dementia and Lewy Body Dementia.


excerpts from 30Dec2018:

One day a stranger moved in,
inside me
…it took control…

that stranger is dementia,
no one can evict it, cure it, slow it down.
Can’t even reason with it.

No I didn’t give it permission, nor does it pay rent,
it just is my constant roommate here inside me..
sadly it is in control, I am not anymore,
everyday it takes a little more of me and it doesn’t give anything fun back..

sooooo quietly I wake in the mornings
wondering what I will give up this day

…today I have talked to myself about accepting incontinence,
how bout you think about being 55 and your gonna need diapers,
humiliating huh,
so is needing a cane, not driving, not talking right,


only two months ago I only lost a word or two
but now …

I can’t form words due to muscles going away,

so use your cane,
eat softer foods,

you and Blake start learning a language you both understand, hand signals etc
in case you go mute


I am trapped inside
and can’t get out

…so I fight to be me,

I try to cope with the humiliating things,
diapers that are coming,
I cope with the losses,
the things I don’t get to do anymore like driving, being alone, working,
so many tiny things that make each of us who we are.

So like the saying
live like your dying,
well each of us are,
but I am living inside myself
with my killer
and I can’t win this fight.

I don’t mean to ramble,
I don’t ask for sympathy,

I just use my words to help myself cope
…it’s scary and lonly inside here.

I am not giving up
I just am coping,
planning how to be sure my family’s ok,
pretending to have the courage for what’s next

…I ask each of you reading my ramblings to be kind to others

for like me they might just be treading water
and you might be their life preserver….

— KimJoy Ovard, 30Dec2018

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