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Gord Settle on August 19, 2015:

Timing Is Off – Pa-dum

Frustrated with myself for I seem to be getting increasingly disorientated on the hikes. Not ‘lost’ just not knowing exactly where I am. The other noticeable thing has been related to passage of time. Knowing whether something occurred one week or two weeks ago was common and accepted however that awareness has nearly vanished and now consistently are unable to determine whether something occurred minutes, hours or days ago. This seemed to be a rather large slipper-slope development and having difficulty compensating for it.

So I was wondering how much if at all this loss of sense of time had on me getting disorientated while hiking. Along with following of game trails and using other natural – slow to change way-points—a woodpecker’s home in a tree, a fallen tree, a large rock etc way-points. Using my GPS I marked the location of many for these for reference on future hikes. Then on subsequent hikes when I seem to get disorientated by not seeing/recognizing my whereabouts I would take out the GPS to determine my current location with reference where I thought I should be……what I found consistently was that I was looking for the familiar way-points too late —I had past them some time ago. Distance = rate (time) but now Distance = rate (x) and without have a value for X

I wanted to see if I still had the inherent sense of direction so without the use of GPS or use of familiar way-points I made a series of hikes through dense wood off trail. What I found is that I would come out within several yards of where I hoped to be.
For now the frustration of “being disoriented” on the trails is gone and again instead feeling the sense of adventure when in an area of unfamiliarity.

Hoping someone with similar frustrations can find peace/resolution.

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One thought on “PWD Gord Settle September 2015b

  1. Hello Gord,
    Wanted to let you know that this article will be included in the dementia “Symptom Perspectives” monthly links tonight, October 30, 2015
    I would like to thank you for sharing your lived experience. My hope is that these words and projects can become valuable resources for change in relationships, treatment, and policies.
    Much thanks,


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