Gardening w Harry May 2018

Harry is one of my primary mentors.
His example is motivation
for taking time and energy to write my own blog,
and the many hours I spend to share the writing of others.

Below are some entries out of Harry Urban’s blog during May 2018 …
on Gardening:


How times have changed, I once got yelled at and told to go wash my hands, but now enjoy getting dirt under my fingernails. I love working in my gardens pulling weeds and caring for the plants I planted.  I grumble and growl about the weeds, but enjoy the time sitting in the sun pulling them out. I enjoy the time I spend outside with nature reaping the benefits it has to offer.

The best times are when I am sitting on my bench and letting my mind float in the clouds. I am free from Alzheimer’s.
– Harry Urban 2018 May 22

Today I removed a wishing well, in my garden that I built probably 20 years ago. It has seen better days and the squirrels chewed on it … I will replace it with a water fountain, so I am happy.
… I decided to plant my herb garden. The plants are only babies, but the aroma is heavenly.  – Harry Urban 2018 May 03

Today Hazel and I spent almost the full day working in the yard and the results are beginning to be seen. …  On the upper deck, my herb garden is planted, and I have plants in the three planter boxes I have on the top of the railing.
I put the wicker furniture out and had to try it out for a time to make sure it is still comfortable and
sure enough, it passed with flying colors.
I also have several planters sitting on the deck to add to the color and need to put my table top water feature out to complete my sensory seating area.
I will have the sound of running water, the fragrant smells from my herbs and beautiful colors from all the plants. A comfortable place to sit and I get to enjoy Hazel’s wind chimes that she has hanging over the sides of the deck. My sense of touch was considered when chosen my plants. I brush my hand over the herbs for a relaxing feel and the smells chase away the blues.
I can sit there and watch the squirrels fighting with the birds to see who empties the … 10 feeders I have around the beds in the back yard …
This old boy created his own section of Heaven where he can raise dementia awareness or take a nap.  – Harry Urban 2018 May 07

There is nothing more rewarding then spending the morning working outside in the hot sun, sweating and being tired. My back hurts and I probably smell like a wet goat, but I’m wearing the biggest smile on my face.

I am happiest when I am doing the things I love to do and being outside with nature is high on my list.

I now have my water fountain running and most of the beds are mulched.
I can now sit on my bench and admire my little piece of heaven. I now have the sound, color and beauty to make for a relaxing place to crash.  – Harry Urban 2018 May 26

Someone flipped the switch and the sun is shining in what seems like weeks … makes the world of difference in how you are feeling.
For the past week or so everything appeared so bleak and the only thing that made this drastic change was my attitude.
… I now see Hope that my flowers will bloom and I finally get to sit on my bench. …
A change of attitude can make a world of difference for you also, give it a try.  – Harry Urban 2018 May 20

I see the dark side and the bright side of dementia. I try not no visit the doom and gloom of dementia because it is addictive and you will find yourself spending a lot of your time there.
I became a gardener and started to plant the seeds of Hope. Some soil I run into is hard and may need some TLC so the seeds take root. Other times I need to take my shovel and beat the soil to loosen it for the seeds.
Which ever method is used, Hope will flourish,
and it was worth the effort to see them grow.
Now we all know I’m not talking about my flower beds and a new variety of plants called Hope, but rather the effort it takes to help someone see that there is life beyond their diagnosis.
Everyone’s soil is different and may need to be handled differently, but trust me when I say, time and patience will get Hope to grow.  – Harry Urban 2018 May 16

I feel revived and don’t really care if I am holding hands with Alzheimer’s. …

I am allowing nature to perform its magic on me.  – Harry Urban 2018 May 09


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