PWD Experience as Resource for Dementia Professionals

Tru here. 2014 was the year I realized that, in an ideal world, the collective lived experience of Persons With Dementia (PWD) would be a rich resource for dementia professionals (or any person) dealing with PWD.  2014 is the year I began hallucinations, and then began Aricept prescription. Aricept much improved my hallucinations, recognition of […]

Verbal Comprehension Strategies Part 1

Conversation Tips: My problem with communication is once I lose track, everything after that starts to crumble. The following suggestions may help me stay on track and participate in conversations at least in this early stage. … Environment, Content, and Timing. … These efforts took approximately 25hrs in six days to complete written portion, in order to begin graphic.

PWD Leadership in My Own Life During 2014

Tru here. What does a leader of PWD (Persons With Dementia) look like? Collins dictionary says a “Leader” is the first person on the climbing rope. It is the first animal in the team, or the first section of blank film or tape into the projector or machine. Vocabulary dot com says it is the […]

Quotes Nov 2014

Tru here. Truthful Loving Kindness is thankful for family of ALL sorts (including “family” on computer).  This year especially thankful for others who have dementia symptoms and are transparent enough to share their experiences.  These excerpts have either been written specifically to share, or found in public format of blog, Facebook or Twitter. Anonymous PWD friend […]