Recent Disconnect from Understanding Source of Dissatisfaction

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Tru here.  Been sick this week so simply posting my FaceBook status update as blog:

Feeling a bit better so back at keyboard for few minutes anyway. Want to document this feeling because seems like “lived experience” (thanks Shibley Rahman for term) should be useful to others.

Lately been dissatisfied and grumpy at times throughout day.
Just vague feeling of irritability.
Today remembered that I have been feeling this way a lot recently.
Finally (10min – hour?) it hit me that I wanted a drink.
It is not automatic anymore.

Dissatisfaction does not connect with source of dissatisfaction – just too vague.

Then I decided wanted drink of coffee.  No never caffeine but I like my chocolate coffee and didn’t have any this morning because of the extreme dizziness.  So I find coffee mug.  I know there is decaf in my teeny motel-sized coffee pot, (which I can now do myself with motel-sized pre-measured packets).

I picture mug full … but can’t remember how I get it that way.
What do I do first?
Now I remember that this is how it has been lately; not remembering how to get it that way.
uuuhhh!!!  Constant change

… as soon as you get your feet under you for a day or two, you end up on the floor again
and trying to figure out new compensation strategies.  –Tru


UPDATE: Now i keep a mug on table (and an additional mug on my workDesk) at all times.
Seeing the mug triggers transfer from feeling of dissatisfaction to feeling of thirst  ((big smile)).

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10 thoughts on “Recent Disconnect from Understanding Source of Dissatisfaction

  1. Thank you, Tru, for sharing your frustration on things those not battling dementia take for granted like pouring a cup of chocolate coffee. The question of how on earth does it find its way into your cup is just a sample of what seems so obvious to those without dementia and so perplexing to those with dementia. Thank you for bringing this to light.
    I do hope you got your thirst satisfied!
    Wishing you a peaceful and blessed New Year!

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