Andrew Garvey Memoriam

Tru here.

i think of Andrew’s quiet good will.  So sad to discover our friend has died.
He was with us in Dementia Mentors’ video chat a week ago today,
and i have a group photo on my desk that i was going to mail to him today ((sad tears)).

Instead i have prepared this collection of Links for some of Andrew’s projects:


20 Aug 2015 Dementia Mentors’ video at ;

13 Sep 2015 story at ;

8 Mar 2016 Video of some other photos from Andrew at .

Participant in Dementia Mentors’ 2016 video Holiday greeting at .


06 Mar 2018 / Barnwood Trust at .


Twitter is extra-difficult for me, so i rarely go there.
Did not see until now that Andrew has a Twitter account with some of his artwork there.

Andrew’s intro on Twitter says

@andyg01 ; 
golf, Arsenal, Garden, Photography beginner,
love my movies and resolution to go paperless.
just learning water colour painting ;
Hucclecote Gloucester, England; Joined November 2010

Andrew on Twitter at .

Art Gallery index at , ; where he gives the following intro:

I took up art following a diagnosis of dementia and have found this a great help in my wellbeing.
I find that painting is very calming and I can retire to my shed and paint.
Thanks to my tutor I have gained experience in different medias including pastel, watercolour, graphite and charcoal.
Over the past 2 years my art collection has grown and following a chat with the tutor I was talked into showing my work.
I hope you enjoy.
I would love to hear your comments good or bad



This is one of my favorites from Andrew’s work on Twitter.
Would love to get permission to add this and several others to pages attached to his index on this webspace
( at ).

03 May 2019 SeaSide ink and watercolour at .

Others are:
25 Oct 2016 “attempt to paint in watercolour” at .

10 Dec 2016 “new attempt” watercolour at .

31 Jul 2017: “Geranium Watercolour” at .

16 Nov 2017 #lighthouse (ink and watercolour??) at .

03 May 2019 “The Garden Door” at .

03 May 2019 watercolour “Relections in the Water” at .

03 May 2019 “Bird on a Branch” at .

16 May 2019 “At Anchor” (ink and watercolour??) at .

23 Jan 2020: “Birds in Watercolour on Wallpaper” at .

and “Portrait of a Man” is here, but do not know when Andrew first shared it; .



03 Jun 2016 (squirrel) “Life is good today” at .

22 Aug 2016 “garden flowers are lovely today” at .

11 Mar 2017 (squirrel) #Snapseed in the garden at .

21 Dec 2017 from the top floor of Oxfords new shopping centre at .

16 Apr 2018 “Feeding Time for the Birds” at .

04 Sep 2018 #aphotoofveniceaday at .

05 Sep 2018 #aphotoofveniceaday my contribution for today at .


Sketch Work

18 Oct 2018? Sanguine Pencil “Obscure Corners of Venice” at .

Feb 2019 “Silverpoint Portrait” at .

08 Nov 2019 Sketch #TomWaits at .


from FaceBook:

photo of flower that i dont think i got permission to share, 12 Jun 2015 at .

vid at (but cannot get it to run) ;

02 Aug 2019 “Alexander Yakovlev photo in white pastel “at .

15 Aug 2019 “Venice Canal in pen and watercolour” at .


… Will add other projects, as i find them online, or receive permission to share.

index (for Andrew’s projects on this webspace) at .

Memoriam index at .


RIP, my friend ❤

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