Are you a Beaton then?

Tru here with a Family History note.

Remember, in the “Outlander”series, (Season 1, episode 2) when Claire arrives at Castle Leoch in Scotland, Mistress FitzGibbons discovers Claire’s medical specialty and asks “Are you a … Beaton then?”

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A.D. MacDonald’s Mabou Pioneers shows our (Kilroy-McNeel) “Beaton” ancestors were a sept (“Name”) of Clan Donald (Clan MacDonald).  They were probably medical experts of Irish descent, arriving in the Hebrides during the Middle Ages, and originally surnamed “MacBeth”, Meic-bethad   – the “Son of Life” name is based on the family medical profession.

Our ancestors wrote medical manuscripts in their native Gaelic.
The first record of a Beaton practicing medicine in Scotland is Patrick MacBeth, principal physician to Robert the Bruce (who led the MacDonalds at the Battle of Bannockburn).

Beaton was developed as a non-Gaelic equivalent for the name MacBeth (altho there were folks already named Beaton in the LowLand areas, who were partially descended from French-English peoples).

Very old traditions say our Beaton family descends from Irish High King, Niall Noigiallach (Niall of the Nine Hostages). This Niall was ancestor of the Uí Néill dynasties that dominated the northern half of Ireland from the 6th to the 10th century.

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Mother to Erma Kilroy’s great-great-grandfather James McNeel (1775-1839) was Mary Beaton (1755-1830).  My maternal uncles’ dna matches with dna cousins show Mary’s descent from “Alexander of Skye” Beaton (1690-1770), and his wife Anne MacBain/McBean.  I suspect Mary was Alexander’s grand-daughter, and that is how it is reflected in my family tree.

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